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Things To Do in Alashanzuoqi

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门掩梨花Go to Tonghu Grassland in Alxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia, set sightseeing and entertainment in one. Enjoy the desert sand such as snow, there are entertainment experience projects. Can ride horses and camels, can also take a ride on the desert chariot, or drive karts deep in the desert, exciting. The bonfire party at night is even more exciting, and you can also participate in it to experience the customs of the Mongolian people.
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M25***41From Yinchuan, tickets are 10 yuan more discounted than on-site booking. The staff at the scenic spot ticket collection office has a particularly good service attitude. It is not annoying to be enthusiastic. I said that she also supports my online booking. The attractions are generally interesting, a family with time can climb the mountain for exercise, but the tickets are still slightly expensive and not worth it.
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吃货陈小猪The attraction is basically divided into two parts, part of the rides part, into the scenic area to Swan Lake, but also a distance to take a desert SUV, otherwise only play in the rides.
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老黄1971Located in the Alxa Left Banner of Alxa League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it is a natural lake in the Tengger Desert. It is also one of the most influential desert deep tourist experience places in the world, with a core area of 150 square kilometers. Local herdsmen call it "moon lake" and "china lake" because it looks like a round of moons from the east quietly tell the ancient story, from the west dunes look like a map of china, magnificent.
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Expansion training Base
ArmberTo get to Tengger. Take a four and a half hour stop by plane, transfer to another hour high-speed rail, and finally take an hour taxi! Lucky for the night as there were lots of tourists having a bonfire party, together with a desert 857! Then specially recommend surf car! Last row super exciting! I was very glad to be here after two days of walking! It was so relaxing! Every staff member was very attentive and took care of it! I would highly recommend going to get a feel for all the people and the views! In addition to a little dry in the desert, the mobile phone signal is not very good, other perfect points! In short, it is not a worthwhile trip!
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Geological Sites
渭南松赞干布The western dreaming Grand Canyon is located in the town of olun Prague, Alxa Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The valley is composed of deep red sandstone and Danxia landform. The scenic ticket also includes the surrounding Alxa Grand Canyon, Shenshui Cave, a total length of 5 kilometers. The valleys are red, yellow, gray and white in the reflection of sunlight. They are similar to the Antelope Valley in the United States. The valleys are underground.