Inner Mongolia
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Things To Do in Alxa

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avatar影客儿"Alxa, Mongolian means ‘’land of colorful ‘’. A long time ago, due to changes in geological structure, the current Alashan landform was formed. Time and wind sand polish the texture of the strange stone like jade. Alxa is rich in agate, green stone, etc. The famous Alxa stone has almost absorbed all the colors of nature,'collecting the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and extracting the essence of sun and moon'. Alashan Qishi Culture Museum, the treasure of the town hall, "Man and Han Feast", is made of rough stones. Vividly, it is a feast from a distance. Kistler's industrialization, all kinds of Kistler crafts are looking to buy. Every year the Kistler Trade Fair attracts stone lovers from all over the country to visit and buy."
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"Historical Site"
avatar幸福人生LOVE"It is located about 19km southeast of Dalaikubu Town, Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia, and consists of two inner and outer walls. It is also called the "Horse Ring City" because of the multi-circle horse group and the trapping of mounts. This city was built in the middle of the Tang Dynasty. It was formerly the former site of Datong City of Yuwenyong in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. In the second year of Kaibao in the Tang Dynasty (734 AD), the "Ning Kou Army" was set up here to govern the military affairs of the area."
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"Historical Site"
avatar幸福人生LOVE"The Ejina Banner Green City Site is located on the Gobi Desert 45 kilometers southeast of Dalaihubu Town. It is an oval city site with an inner city and an outer city, covering an area of about 120,000 square meters. The northeast corner of the city site has buildings similar to Wengcheng. Its age and purpose have not yet been verified. There are also large-scale composite relics from different periods nearby.In this area, there are more than 60 high-rise buildings in Xixia, 5 temple sites, 5 earthen pagodas, and a large number of Han and Jin tombs, houses of various periods, and Tuntian sites. In addition, There are also sand-filled coarse red pottery, red bottom black colored faience pottery and so on."
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"Ancient Settlement"
avatar麻利贝贝哄"A fortress of the Red City. In the southwest, a group of Fengsui stretched straight away. The Juyan Red City is nearly square, 23m long and 22m wide, with adobe masonry both above and below. Zhanmen is located at the east corner of the south wall, with a low battlement. The Red City is one of the most well-preserved cities among the Han Dynasty architectural sites in the Juyan area."

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Siji Shopping MallAlxa,China

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Juewei Duck NeckAlxa,China

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Shamowang Restaurant (canyin)Alxa,China

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Xiaoshang Barbecue (daquanfen)Alxa,China

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Tengger Desert Moon LakeAlxa,China

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Alxa
Dec 1, 2021 Alxa Weather: Clear| Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph| Humidity: 47%| Sunrise/Sunset: 07:56/17:36
Alxa Travel: Suitable| Umbrella: Not Required| UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Alxa, including: Tonghu Grassland,Alxa Guangzong Temple,Tengger Desert Swan Lake
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