Amur Oblast
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乖小咪乖小咪Blagoveshchensk Lenin Square is the central square of this Far Eastern city. In the center of the square stands a tall statue of Comrade Lenin. He stretched out his right hand to the far end, expressing the greatness of Russia and the future development direction, which is very atmospheric. This is also a landmark building in Blagoveshchensk that must be visited.
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Historical Architecture
乖小咪乖小咪The Blagoveshchensk Railway Station in Russia is the largest railway station in the Far East with a history of nearly 100 years. Every day, many materials are shipped from China to the hinterland of Russia, and many Russian materials are shipped from Europe to the Far East, so it is very busy. He is also a hub for parts of the Russian Far East in Europe and is an important station on the Russian railway line.
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Churches and Cathedrals
貂蝉的春天貂蝉的春天Less than ten minutes by boat from Heihe Port in Heilongjiang Province, there is a simple Russian border town of Blagoveshchensk, or Bu, which is the third largest city in the Russian Far East. It's easy to forget where you are, and the phone cards are even full here, and few people remember that it was once our territory. Hailanpao or Mongolian "black bubble" or Manchu "the house under the maple tree" meaning, originally belong to the northeastern border of China, the Great Heihe River, it and today Heilongjiang Province Heihe City, the original city, Heilongjiang across the city, the Great Heihe River into two.
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乖小咪乖小咪The Geological Museum of Blagoveshchensk is the largest museum in the Russian Far East. There are many fossils of ancient creatures. The largest stock is mammoth ivory. Because it belongs to the earthmoving city, many animals are quite well preserved. Once the carcass of a mammoth was unearthed here, the fur and muscles still exist, which is really very rare. This is also the place to go here, don't miss it.
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乖小咪乖小咪The Monument to the Unknown Heroes in Blagoveshchensk is a landmark here. It is to show the soldiers of the Soviet army who died during the Great Patriotic War. The appearance of the entire monument is very grand, with a red appearance, which is very solemn, and it is worth paying your respects.
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Monument in Honor of Amur Oblast Rewarding With the Order of LeninGorod Blagoveshchensk,Russia

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QuestQuestGorod Blagoveshchensk,Russia

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Public Cultural CenterGorod Blagoveshchensk,Russia

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Havre Archangel MonasteryGorod Blagoveshchensk,Russia

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Blagoveshchensk Railway StationGorod Blagoveshchensk,Russia

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River Gun Boat From The Great Patriotic War TimesGorod Blagoveshchensk,Russia

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