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Things To Do in Andalsnes

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乖小咪The Trosti Mountain Road is similar to the famous Eagle Road. It is also called the Wizard Road. Because the mountain road is very winding and winding, and it's along the cliff, it is really thrilling, and it is very magnificent and breathtaking from a distance.
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139***03Starting from the highest resting area on the Wizard Road, we descended all the way in a zigzag pattern. During the period, there was another platform. Because it was completely covered by fog, we could only see the pure whiteness of A4 paper, so we did not get off the car to take a view. . Until the bottom of the valley, the fog faded. Looking back at the Stigfossen waterfall, he rushed down, the dragon could not see the head, and the upper half was still submerged in the fog. At this time, the 11 hairpin bends of the Wizard Road can barely see four or five bends.
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Geological Sites
_ce***95The most cost-effective place along the way, a 7-hour hike with invincible beauty only costs 140 yuan for the ticket! The rauma river can be rated as the most beautiful river I have ever seen in my life. The river is winding, and the water is emerald in different shades!
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燃烧生命的小胖妞Geiranger Fjord, located in the north of Bergen on the southwest coast of Norway, is the most beautiful and mysterious part of the fjord. The fjord is 16 kilometers long and stands on both sides of the mountains above 1,500 meters. Geiranger fjord is famous for its numerous waterfalls, many of which plunge along steep rock walls, such as the "bride veil" and the "seven sisters". At the top of the fjord is the village of Geiranger, which is only a 1000-meter-long road down a hillside, and is crowded with summer hikes.
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Other Places of Worship
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Observation Deck
林荫大道水至清The Eagle Road (Ørnevegen) is the name of the 11 sharp turns on Highway 63 between Geiranger and Ezdal, similar to Jiuzhaigou's Nine Turns. A few days before the opening of the road every year, the highest point of the hairpin bend-Eagle Wings (Ørnesvingen, 620 meters) observation deck is often named after eagles gather. In fact, after I walked it, I didn’t think it was so difficult. The right side of the photos I took is the Eagle Road. The last one is to look back at the fjord after reaching the top.