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Things To Do in Anqiu

369 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
lingliziToday's weekend rest, go to Anqiu Qingyunshan Folk-custom Amusement Park to enjoy plum, located in the east of Weifang Qingyunshan Road, the area is very large, with Qingyunshan as the center, created leisure, entertainment, play, food, vacation, sightseeing, shopping as one of the comprehensive scenic spots. Now, on the hillside of the amusement park, there are full of Maple Leaf and Beauty Mei, which are shining brightly. Today, it is cloudy and the photo is not beautiful enough. If it is sunny ☀️, it will be very good to see 😄.
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Amusement Park
idreamerMade a ferris wheel, shark island, carousel, airplane, space walk. The little train could only be made by children, and he didn't dare to let them do it, but he changed the merry-go-round. The child is having fun!
58 Reviews
wbclawyerQilu wine region 2021 tulip flower sea tourism festival started, WeChat forwarding activities to get a free ticket, weekend or holiday to enjoy tulip 🌷, experience the feeling of spring blossom, good drop.
Nearby City
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Theme Park
E39***28It’s a nice place to go. There are lots of attractions including a roller coaster that goes into the water and people are welcoming with foreigners.
Nearby City
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lingliziLocated at the south end of Weizhou Road, the south of Bailang Wetland Park. The location is very good, the transportation is convenient, the self-driving is very convenient, there are many buses directly, the night show after the Spring Festival just started, various high-tech is very good. With the WeChat Moment, continuously forward three days of publicity, you can go to the Jinbao Paradise Gate Ticket Office, free exchange tickets, very good. Come and see.
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Water Park
smalmonkeyIt is connected to the Fangzi Carbon Mine Museum and you can play together. It is a pity that Deleburg was closed when I went there. I can only take pictures at the door. Please remember the time from June 16th to August 31st. It will not be open after January.