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Things To Do in Antu

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_FB***19If you a one of the lucky few, you will get to travel up and view this crater. Take a heartdropping ride up this magnificent mountain and see it for yourself
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Hot Springs Resort
M45***33Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano, the outflow of geothermal make hot springs everywhere, not only a large number, but also different hot springs, each beautiful name. Changbai Mountain hot spring is definitely a powerful synonym for the trip to Changbai Mountain, is a beautiful business card. If you visit the mountains and rivers during the day, scenic spots, then choose a beautiful place at night to bath in the hot springs, it is a life of a great pleasure. The most important scene is of course the hotel's Changbai Mountain volcano self-overflow hot springs, the hot spring water here from the north slope Julongquan, is the best hot spring water in the whole Changbai Mountain area, no one, with Changbai Mountain characteristic ginseng hot spring pool, wine pool and outdoor pool. The open-air hot springs are misty, slowly blending into the smooth hot springs, spread out all limbs, only the head exposed. Away from the city's surging traffic, the noisy crowd, the tacky neon, and nature so intimate contact, enjoy this rare leisure and peace. Enjoy the hot springs from Changbai Mountain in the snowy North. This is the romantic scenery unique to Changbai Mountain Resort. Overall it is super awesome, fun, fun, cost-effective,
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郑伊妮It’s worth a visit. I saw it at the door. I especially wanted to go in. The pictures must be very beautiful. [The scenery] is very beautiful. When we arrived, we stopped entering the park on the same day. It’s really a pity that we just took a few pictures at the door Photos, it's too cold, really too cold. I didn’t get in this time. I’m a bit regretful. I’ll go back again if I have a chance.
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M15***54At the foot of Changbai Mountain, there is a small river in front of Hongfeng Village in the northern suburbs of Erdaobaihe Town, called the Niitou River. There will be a rime spectacle every winter in November. Under the dress of dead trees in this area, a magical scenery is formed, which has been photographed by many Fans call it "Makai", which is now the scenic spot of the Makai. In addition, the rafting of the Niitou River is also very famous in the local area. The rafting section of the Naitou River is only 30 kilometers away from the northern scenic area of Changbai Mountain, with a total length of 4.5 kilometers. The river water is mainly formed by the continuous water injection from more than 1,300 springs. The water is clear, sweet and free of any pollution. It is natural mineral water with a purity of more than 95%. There are precious Changbai Mountain cold water scaly fish in the water; there are wild mandarin ducks and wild ducks on the water; there are virgin forests of precious tree species in Changbai Mountain on both sides. There are many landscapes along the river, such as Shiba Bay and Drifting Rock. The river section is stable and the water volume is balanced. It is suitable for mass tourist groups, especially for the elderly and young people who have no rafting experience to experience the fun of rafting. It is the best adventurous and risk-free rafting section designed to rush the trip and time, and for the elderly and infirm tourists to experience the fun of white river rafting in Changbai Mountain and feel the natural landscape of Changbai Mountain virgin forest. When you come back from rafting, you will feel like a warrior who has returned from the battlefield in triumph. Stay in the clean and tidy fashionable hotels and star-rated hotels, enjoy the pleasure of bathing in Tianchi mineral water, and taste the unique mountain delicacies of Changbai Mountain in Kanto. Native products. If you go up to the west slope of Changbai Mountain and the north slope of the south slope to watch Tianchi, the beauty of the Changbai Mountain Grand Canyon in winter and the winter wonders of Lazihe River, you will be even more lingering. The starting and ending points of the rafting are all equipped with rafting service shops, men's and women's changing rooms and lounges for tourists. All commodity stores provide tourists with a variety of changing clothes, drifting raincoats and rain pants, drifting entertainment equipment, water guns, water cannons, etc., as well as Changbai Mountain native products and Changbai Mountain handicrafts manufactured by Changbai Mountain Arts and Crafts Company.
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我就是不想起床I wanted to go to Changbai Mountain a long time ago, and this time I finally got my wish. Changbai Mountain is cold in winter. I arrived in Antu on December 26, 2016. The local temperature was minus 23,24 degrees. The taxi driver who drew our taxi said that the temperature in Changbai Mountain Tianchi can reach minus 30 degrees at this time. Everyone must take care of the cold and keep warm. I was fully prepared before I came, but the cold of Changbai Mountain still exceeded my imagination. The exceptional beauty of Changbai Mountain in winter, with white snow and clear blue sky, is intoxicating and amazing. Some people say that Changbai Mountain is one of the top ten famous mountains in life. Not much to say, Meitu presents!
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享旅世界Longshun Snow Mountain Feihu Scenic Spot is located in Liangjiang Town, Antu County, Yanbian, Jilin Province. It is a newly opened scenic spot. The lake water originates from Tianchi in Changbai Mountain. Because the lake is formed by melting snow from snow-capped mountains, it is named Snow Mountain Feihu. The scenery of Feihu Lake is beautiful, suitable for summer heat. When playing, you usually take a cruise around the lake for a week, and you can enjoy the forest full of various trees by the lake. After landing, go along the plank road all the way, you can see many standing statues of ancient people with different looks and postures, as well as sculptures such as treasure gourd, copper coin, and Ruyi. It takes four hours to visit the Feihu Scenic Area of Longshun Snow Mountain.