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Things To Do in Anuradhapura

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Cherry??2009^_^Drunken Ceylon Anuradhapura-the holy city was selected as the World Cultural Heritage List in 1982. It used to be the capital of Sri Lanka for nearly a thousand years, with Buddhist relics all over the city. Towering relics, exquisite carvings, contemplative Buddha, ruined city walls, wander the holy city and feel the vicissitudes of history!
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Ancient Trees
cizhenThe Sacred Bodhi Tree is a sacred tree in the Holy City. It happened to be their festival when we went. Therefore, there are many local people in this scenic spot of Bodhi Tree. Thousand-year sacred tree, so they all believe that this tree can bring them happiness. There are many attractions nearby, you can reach it on foot!
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Historical Architecture
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
Cherry??2009^_^Ruwanwelisaya Stupa (Ruwanwelisaya Stupa) is the most well-restored and most viable stupa in the ancient city. It is one of the landmark buildings of the ancient city. It is recognized as the most beautiful building. It has been on the cover of LP Sri Lanka.
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Historical Architecture
pan***heThe oldest stupa in Sri Lanka, Thuparamaya, and the first Buddhist building in Anuradhapura, was built in the 3rd century BC. The difference from the big white pagoda I visited before is that there are many stone pillars around, some of which are obviously a little inclined, which adds a lot of vicissitudes to the white pagoda under the blue sky.
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Historical Architecture
pan***heThe brass temple in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka cannot be entered. The door is closed, but it does not prevent one from outside. (Dogs go in and out at will.) A magnificent column can be seen across the fence. It is tall but not thick. It is said that there are 1,600. I wonder if anyone has actually counted it. However, the bronze hall looked small and slightly weaker.
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Cherry??2009^_^Anuradhapura is so full of ruins, we just stopped and watched while walking. When the Intrepid Mountain stupa appeared in front of me, I still felt very shocked. It is said that the height of the building is more than 100 meters, and the visual effect is very good.