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derricWang Xiangyan Scenic Area is located on the south side of Taihang Grand Canyon and compared with Taohua Valley, there is no delicate and beautiful Taohua Valley, but there are a lot of rough and geographical location, climbing all the way, the physical strength consumption is very large, the physical energy requirements are also relatively high, but it is also very interesting, there is a hanging plank road, There are also circular rollers, although climbing the hills, but full of fun, the waterfalls in the middle are flowing and beautiful
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
205***90Personally, I think the ticket is 70 yuan expensive. Now I can go there for free in a month. Parking fee is 5 yuan, the Zongmiao site and the palace site have five or six kilometers away, you can take their minibus, one hour, you can also drive there by yourself, spend an extra five yuan for parking, visit is not restricted. The palace site can be seen very strong. There are more text exhibition boards. It should be six or seven hours for the whole scenic spot to look seriously.
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Water Conservancy Project
139***13In the 1960s, 100, 000 people who opened the mountain lasted ten years. The cliffs pierced stones and dug canals for thousands of miles, and placed a flag of the Chinese nation's spirit in the taihang yan. Red flag canal, located in Linzhou City, Anyang, Henan Province, is known as the "eighth wonder of the world." It was the project of the people of Linxian County (now Linzhou city) in 1960s, under extremely difficult conditions, from the side of Taihang Mountain, which was called "artificial Tianhe". The red flag canal project started in February 1960, and completed in July 1969, which lasted nearly ten years. The project has leveled 1250 hills, erected 151 aqueducts, dug 211 tunnels, built 12408 buildings, dug 22.25 million cubic meters of earth and stone, the total length of the main trunk channel of the Red Banner Canal 70.6 km, the distribution of the trunk channel branches of the townships. It is calculated that if these earth and stone walls are built to be 2 meters high and 3 meters wide, they can run north and south through the motherland, bypassing Beijing, linking Guangzhou and Harbin. On Taihang Mountain, which has the "the best scenery of Beixiong", the red flag canal is like a blue ribbon winding. Its engineering is arduous, the engineering aesthetic value is high, it is a miracle on earth, and it forms a unique red flag canal scenery. The red flag canal tourism golden line is divided by the red flag canal water garden and youth. The cave scenic area is composed. Fen Shui Yuan scenic area, the Red Banner Canal main trunk canal to this divide into three trunk canals, south to north extension Linzhou hinterland. On April 5, 1965, the Red Banner Canal main trunk canal completed the water celebration here. In the main axis landscape belt distribution of water science park, the pillar of spirit, The performance square, the monument of the Red Banner Canal, the Cuibai of the Zhongnanhai Water Split Project, the Red Banner Canal Water Split Project and the Red Banner Canal General Drain, the One Drain, the Two Drain, etc., together with the Red Banner Canal Memorial Hall, constitute the landscape community combining virtual reality, showing the modern and simple style.
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Memorial Temple
自由行省钱侠客Five people in front of the temple in Pengfei from the right of the photograph: Zhang Jun, Wang (Qin Hui wife), Qin Hui, Wan Hui, Wang Jun. From the rusty state of the platinum, the material should be cast iron. Their crimes are: 1. Zhang Jun, envying the virtuous, attaching to the power, conspiring with Qin Xiang, making perjury, is the accomplice of killing Peng Fei and others; 2, Wang Shi, the evil, the help of the puppet for cruel, she reminded Qin puppet "catching tiger easy, let tiger difficult also", is a snake puppet heart of the poison woman; 3, Qin puppet, the exclusive puppet, secretly communicate with the foreign enemy, advocate "concord", premeditated persecution puppet, is the main killer of puppet; 4, Wan puppet: act as a hawk dog, cruel and spicy, Torture interrogation Peng Fei and other people, is directly killing Peng Fei and other people's execution; 5, Wang Jun: Hun No. carved son, the original Zhai family military commander, by Qin Xiang threatening to induce, false testimony against Peng Fei.
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Historical Site
60岁极省自由行Henan Tangyin Xiangli City of the eight maze, seem simple, after entering, not rely on the skill very difficult to independent walk out. Some people in the game, has been wandering down, several hours later, just muddled out. Historically, the eight-man formations used the principle of changing the movement of the soldiers and the position of the generals to disturb the observation and judgment of the intruding enemy, and to dazzle them, and lose their sense of direction, trapped in the formation, and killed in panic.
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一叶落而天下知秋🕋The total building area of the Chinese Character Museum is 🕋34500 square meters, the main building is 32.5 meters high, the main building uses the embossed gold roof of the yin-shang period, the yin-shang pattern, and shows the architectural effect of 🏯yin-shang palace 🏯 four ah zhongwu, which not only implies the connotation of Chinese character culture. It also shows the important position in the development of ☯ Chinese civilization ☯. The golden and splendid architectural appearance of the main hall of the Chinese Character Museum merges with the elegant external environment, showing the philosophical connotation of the high harmony between humanities and nature. The preface hall of the Chinese Character Museum is located on the first floor of the hall. The overall design implies the concept of ♊️Tianyuan place ♊️ in traditional culture. The relief sculptures around the preface hall show the development history of Chinese character carrier, Chinese calligraphy development history, and a piece of oracle bone and the large writing of ethnic minorities. Family highlights. Mainly show the overview of the Chinese Character Museum and the world 🕉 national script ♏️, ♍️ civilization ☪ comparison.

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About Anyang

Anyang is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 3,000 years. As the main birthplace of the Chinese civilization, it is one of the seven ancient capitals of China. It is sometimes called the “first ancient capital of China.” Anyang has traces of many ancient stories such as Ximen Bao at Ye City. This is where the first female general of China was buried. It is known as the first capital in ancient China. In addition to its long history, Anyang has spectacular landscapes such as the Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon.

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Oct 20, 2021 Anyang Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 87%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:33/17:41
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Here are the best places to visit in Anyang, including: Taihang Grand Canyon Scenic Area,Yinxu Museum,Red Flag Canal
You could try Yinxu Museum,National Museum of Chinese Writing,Yuan Lin,Wanhaihaiyang World,Anyangrenmin Park in Anyang
I recommended Wangxiangyan, Taihang Ridge Scenic Area, Wanquan Lake, Little South Sea Scenic Area, The Ice Frozen Cave (Bingbing Bei).
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