Anzhou District
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Things To Do in Anzhou District

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Derricktripsi ve been in this Royal Resot, it’s really amazing place. there are a plenty of Pools; such as Lemon pool, Red wine Pool, and Aloe pool..., and also plenty of Saunas. with some great facilities such Golf, Tennis, and Horse riding.
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墨竹不在服务区We went by bus and went to Luofu Mountain. Then we turned to Sangzao and ate a meal. Then we took a small motorcycle. It took us 30 to send us there, collect equipment, pick up tickets, and go upstream by car. It’s fun , It's really exciting, and the overall feeling is pretty good. It’s just that the gods are not beautiful, it started raining, and we are considered to be drifting for the first time. The disadvantage is that in summer, there are stalls on both sides of the strait, where you can eat, drink, and rest. When you arrive at the station, there is free ginger soup, nice, and overall OK👌. Looking forward to a clear sky next time. It is recommended, the scenery is good, interesting and fun,
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Water Park
M22***52Many items are suitable for adults and slightly larger children. The facilities in the park are relatively perfect, and you can have lunch in it. There are too few free rest areas, and the drinks and fruit inside are a bit expensive.
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Historical Site
Derricktripsit’s one of the best places I ve ever been too. there are many things to see, I highly recommend it.
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沱江石头Luofu Mountain in Mianyang is located on the northwestern edge of the Chengdu Plain and is a sponge reef geologically. It is an ancient marine geological structure 280 million years ago. There is a Paleontological Reef Geology Museum next to the tourist center of the scenic area to introduce its geological characteristics and fossil exhibitions. There are ancient Qiang ruins and the Journey to the West in the scenic area. After the tour, you can rest in the surrounding hot spring hotels. , Is a very good place for leisure and vacation.
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携行王者53[View] Kilometer high mountains, fresh air, sufficient negative oxygen ion, enjoy the comfort brought by hot springs [fun] Very interesting, mountaineering hot springs, more fun [price/performance ratio] The price is not generally very expensive, there are also Mianzhou hotels, Industrial and Commercial Bank cooperation discounts