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Things To Do in Arongqi

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Historical Site
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Botanical Garden
今天我超甜sweetI arrived at Qiqihar at noon, went to the hotel to check in after ramen, took a taxi to the animal and plant park, about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. You can enter the park by brushing your ID card, and you can rent a car at the door. We did not rent it. The overall feeling of going around is much better than the "Northern Forest Zoo", with many species of animals, well planned, relatively close to small animals, the park is very good health, low prices. There is a show at 2 pm in the small theater. It is nearly the end of the tour. It is about 3 o'clock. I can't take the taxi after I come out and take the hotel which returning from 3rd road.
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Water Conservancy Project
_yt***81The Yinhe Reservoir, far from the city's hustle and bustle, with its forest oxygen bar, is not as famous as the one built in 1958, but the area and capacity of the former are several times greater. The Yinhe Reservoir on holiday provides the visitors with open water surface, simple facilities and viewing space of primitive pine forest, and has more natural beauty.
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Hot Springs Resort
M56***89The attitude of the three waiters in the outdoor hot spring water bar is particularly good, especially the bar staff pay jingwen attitude and the service enthusiasm. The overall service feels particularly warm, and will definitely come back next time you are running around with this service attitude. Would definitely recommend to friends.
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M28***88Only a good rural leader can create an excellent modern new countryside. I have seen many villages with villas (such as Chahanuo, Xingfu, Qixing) and so on. This time I must go to Xing14. let's go.
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Nature Reserve
今天我超甜sweet8 o'clock from the hotel, to the 306 end, 8:30 departure, it took one hour to reach the Zhalong Nature Reserve. After the ticket is checked at the door, take the battery car, and you still need to walk a kilometer to the door. There are many mosquitoes in the inside, be sure to bring anti-mosquito spray! Compared to the sun, sun protection should be done. 11 a training performance, fly twice, especially shock, the remote view of the red-crowned crane small, from the head to fly over to find a good big wings. After the performance, go, catch the 12:30 return car, round-trip 20 yuan.