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Things To Do in Auburn

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huang244483jordan_hare stadium The stadium is really very, very big. It is really passionate when watching the football game. It is worth watching. The stadium is very big. It is very worth recommending. It is so beautiful.
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City Park
洛小时Feel the heroic passion under the waterfall-Chewacla State Park has not been developed yet, so few people go there. It is recommended to go with a team. If you can, it is best to find a team. Before entering, we were fully prepared to find out, and after entering, the beautiful scenery still shocked us. Travel guide: Before departure, I stayed in an apartment two kilometers away from the scenic spot for one night. The environment and facilities are a bit simple but generally okay. I set off early in the morning. I was afraid that the road would be difficult at night. After entering the scenic spot, you will actually be surrounded by trees. It is not the kind of lush forest. The overall tone is yellowish brown, giving people a wild feeling. You will hear the mighty sound of water, which is the big waterfall in the scenic spot. When you come to his feet, you will feel the heroic nature of nature. I can’t help but sigh this place full of heroic atmosphere with my friends around me. He seems to have magic, which will make people brave and full of passion. My mood under the waterfall is still very excited. The flowing water of the waterfall is also yellow muddy water, and it will not feel unclean. It is the original breath, warm and free and easy, unrestrained and natural. Reminder: You must be fully prepared, it is best to bring a flashlight!
Nearby City
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吃吃喝喝玩玩乐It’s a good place, it’s a great time to have fun, and the number of tourists is relatively large
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Botanical Garden