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Things To Do in Baden-Wurttemberg

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凤凤吖吖Heidelberg debris and chateau, recorded the germans for hundreds of years of memories.This is one of the most legendary German wine estates, and its reputation is well deserved.
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D38***21amazing place, the staff is super kind, tickets are cheap and free entrance for kids. definitely a must see. the whole history of Mercedes and many fun facts from 20th century all displayed on the walls. they also have a gift shop, a restaurant, you can spend one whole day inside
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fz570628The Old Heidelberg Bridge in Germany is a stone bridge, also known as the Tie Oude Bridge, which was built in 1786 AD and has a history of more than 200 years. The Old Heidelberg Bridge has nine arches and is the first stone arch bridge across the Neckar (one of the three tributaries of the Rhine). The bridgehead has two round towers and both are made of solid stones. The bridge is only used for walking by tourists and pedestrians, and the bridge surface is somewhat worn.
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Observation Deck
juki235The Philosopher’s Trail appears and disappears from time to time along the old town and castle of Heidelberg on the opposite side of the undulating hills. The mountain trails may sometimes be closed due to poor road conditions, so check the bulletin board at the intersection, otherwise you may go wrong.
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又甜又酸的柠檬茶This Porsche Museum is not very big and thin but interesting. If you have been to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, remember not to lose your Mercedes-Benz ticket, because you can enter the venue with that ticket. There are coffee shops, gift shops, toilets, and some cabinets downstairs to lock your schoolbags, but Porsche will not take any responsibility if any items are missing, so don’t lock your valuables. You need to put one or two euros as a deposit , You can get the deposit back when you put the key back. The museum is upstairs, the place is not big, but many ordinary Porsche cars are very interesting. There will be simulated racing cars on them. Both adults and children can try them, but there is a queue because there are so many people who want to try. You can stop by the Porsche store opposite. The gift shop is not expensive. I bought a refrigerator post as a souvenir of 2.5€.
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泡泡龙他爸Didi Lake, a long-awaited place, missed it in 2013 and came here for the first time in 2015. This is a glacial lake surrounded by forests and grasslands. It is located at the southern foot of the Black Forest. The scenery is extremely beautiful and beyond imagination. It was an afternoon in July, and the sun was shining brightly. Sitting on the balcony of the hotel by the lake, eating a black forest cake, drinking a cup of coffee and staring in a daze. It takes two hours and 6 kilometers to walk around the lake, and can only be left for the next time. Boating for half an hour, the addiction first, costs only 7 euros. It’s suitable for honeymoon or retirement. There are too many photos and too beautiful. Today, I will post the photos of the lake.