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Things To Do in Baishan

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682 Reviews
梦露夫人If you come to Changbai Mountain to see the Tianchi, it is best to turn three slopes, because each has different angles so different scenery, I particularly like to climb the west slope, because there is a "Tianladder" a total of 1442 steps need to pick up the steps, when the top look back to see "a view of the mountains small" has a strong sense of achievement. It's beautiful. High. Good value for money.
339 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
梦露夫人Yesterday, I went to the back of the ancient city of Xiangyin and found that it was very beautiful, and I felt more primitive and natural. I have not seen this side before. There is also a small mushroom-like grass house here. Is it a hotel? [View] Beautiful [interesting] High [price/performance] High
191 Reviews
Water Park
EasonGuanThe water world is really good! There are very few people in the off-season, there is no need to queue for any project, some even need to find someone to go together (the loudspeaker needs more than 4 people) The three 20-meter vertical and curved drops are the first time to experience such a stimulating water project! Overall great, good value for money, fun and fun,
80 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
暝逝The full name is probably the Xianrenqiao Geothermal Hot Spring Group in Fusong County, which belongs to natural hot springs. Fusong County is located in Baishan City, the northwestern foot of Changbai Mountain, and Changbai Mountain Tianchi is also in its jurisdiction. The location of the tourist route on the west slope of Changbai Mountain. Looking at the crater of Tianchi, you know that Changbai Mountain is an extinct volcano. There must be hot springs in the residual geothermal heat. There are many springs in Fusong. It is said that the water gushing from the granite cracks is 62℃, which is excellent natural spa.
167 Reviews
Outdoor skiing
观心海[Scenery] The entire scenic area is located in the forest, very beautiful, with relatively complete service facilities, and the hotel ski commercial street is relatively complete, suitable for family vacations. [Fun] There are a lot of ski resorts with amusement parks and exciting utv. [Value for money] The price of skiing is cheaper than the surrounding areas, and it also includes more rights.
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梦露夫人The dew river hunting ground is really a national five-star scenic spot, really beautiful beyond the addition, today is catching up with the blue sky and white clouds, is the early autumn scenery, so people forget to go back and linger for four hours. [View] is wonderful. [Interest] Advanced. Very good value for money.

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Neyin Ancient CityBaishan,China

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Changbai Mountain Wanda Water ParkBaishan,China

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Changbai Mountain Qingfeng Lishe Hot SpringBaishan,China

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Jinyinxia Scenic AreaBaishan,China

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Changbai Mountain Grand TheatreBaishan,China

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Huashan National Forest ParkBaishan,China

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Baishan Travel Tips

About Baishan

Baishan is situated in Jilin province to the west of Changbai Mountain. Popular attractions include Tianchi Lake and a memorial to the Communist military commander Yang Jingyu who fought during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Tianchi Lake lies within a caldera that was formed by a volcanic eruption. The lake is situated on the border between China and DPRK. It is also the source of the Yalu, Songhua and Tumen Rivers. The Baishan Lake Scenic Area in the upper reaches of the Songhua River is famous for its towering peaks and spectacular scenery.

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Sep 18, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Baishan
Sep 18, 2021 Baishan Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 42%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:17/17:40
Baishan Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Baishan, including: Neyin Ancient City,Changbai Mountain Wanda Water Park,Xianrenqiao Hot Spring
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