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Things To Do in Baiyin

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Geological Sites
康乃馨市欧阳修The magnificent scenery of the northwest, unique. After the displacement of the Yellow River before, the river bottom became the road now. A separate tree, dead, standing there, representing the past glory. The village construction is better and better, ordinary farm life, better and better. I'll be back when I get the chance.
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Historical Site
Ancient Settlement
13611302253Eitai ancient city, now in the Jingtai County of Gansu Jitan Township built in the Ming Dynasty (1608), is the Ming government to defend against the invasion of the minority in the north of the military fortress, Lanzhou Sansho stationed in this castle. At that time, the city had more than 2000 soldiers, horse team 500 people, attached to the gunpowder, grass farm, mill, horse farm and other institutions. Most of the city's houses are abandoned, only 10 households live in the city, and many elderly people.
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媛媛Our cultural and tourist sacred place in Gansu is mainly the grottoes in the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties! The construction is still not good enough, lack of funds and labor. Therefore it is a place especially suitable for quiet and clean.
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_We***75Wulan is the Mongolian language, red meaning, Jingyuan City South, also called the South Mountain, there are four Red Army Monument, Qing Dynasty temple, one of the eight ancient Jingjing, Wulan Sweet, and many literati Moke's pen,
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滇国剑客The Yellow River Wetland Park is a beautiful park, it is a special place cut from the Yellow River Valley, the scenery is absolutely beautiful, many tourists will be interested in the scenic scenery here.
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VicersThe scenic area of the park is a majestic mountain, with vivid winding and green waves. The Qinghai spruce, Qilian juniper natural forest and the artificial mixed forests of Chinese pine, larch, green poplar, and the natural shrubs composed of Qilian rhododendron, caragana, winter plum, alpine willow, etc., are colorful and vibrant.

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Jingyuan MuseumBaiyin,China

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Jingyuan County LibraryBaiyin,China

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Silong ResortBaiyin,China

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Gansu Jingtai Dadunhuang Movie & Television TownBaiyin,China

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Yongxin TheaterBaiyin,China

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BaiYinShi BuXingJieBaiyin,China

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Baiyin Travel Tips

About Baiyin

Baiying City (白银市) is located in the central region of Gansu Province, in the transition zone between the Loess Plateau and the Tengger Desert. Tourist attractions here include the Yellow River Stone Forest, Xueshan Temple, the Forest Scenic Area of Hasi Mountain, Pingchuan Wudang Mountain, the Jingyuan Ancient Crossing, Shoulu Mountain and the Huining Huishi Site.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Baiyin
Oct 16, 2021 Baiyin Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 85%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:11/18:27
Baiyin Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Baiyin, including: Jingtai Yellow River Stone Park,Yongtai Ancient City,Hongjunhui Ninghuishi Site
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