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RubylanlanSovereign Hill is not in the urban area of Melbourne. If it is more troublesome to go without a car, I reported a one-day tour of Hongcheng, 260 yuan/person on Wednesday. It is consistent with the description of the itinerary, the gathering and return time are under control, and it will not get up too early [sleep]. Gold Museum-Alchemy Show-Take a small mine cart into the underground gold mine-Free activities, gold panning-Red Guard tour, activities in Sovereign Hill are relatively rich, suitable for all ages, personal favorite small mine cart [呲牙]! There will be a section where you can't see your fingers, but you will be surprised when you reach the ground. The gold rush story below is also very beautiful. Another advantage of following the group is that there is a Chinese tour guide to explain and arrange the small mine carts. There are snack bars, toilets, and free old-fashioned bowling balls to play. The staff in the mountains are all dressed in local contemporary costumes and are free to take photos for free. But if you want to change your clothes and take pictures, you will have to pay. As for the gold rush, don't report any expectations. There are so many people coming every year, the gold is long gone, just experience it. Although I was forced to go to a wool factory later, I could see and feed the alpaca and bleating, and seeing the wool and alpaca wool production process, there was not much sales, which was acceptable.
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cat***mjthis place is good for family trips. kids who love animals will have a great experience playing with the kangaroos ( just be careful though because they will come to you especially if you have food with them ). currently they now have a tiger and meer cats. my kid along with her cousins really had a blast. from koalas to kangaroo to crocodiles and llamas. it was a great experience. we have been to this place more than 5 times already!!!!
9 Reviews
137***66Such relaxation and tranquility ~ Although the colors of spring have not yet arrived, because the temperature is still very low in the single digits, it was a pleasant thing to stroll through Ballarat’s botanical garden this morning... I am very grateful to all People who care and maintain the garden. Everything is neat and tidy, it looks perfect, it is a pleasant experience.
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墨客旅行MokertripThe Begonia flowers in the TV series of Ballarat Botanic Garden are here. Ink travel takes you to the must-see attractions in Australia and New Zealand. In Melbourne, cherry blossoms, roses, and tulips have their own festivals and exhibitions. Recently, Xiaomoke discovered a unique Begonia Flower Festival in the suburbs of Melbourne. · Ballarat Botanic Garden is located in the town of Ballarat in the northwest of Melbourne, about an hour and a half drive from Melbourne city centre. The Botanic Garden was first opened in 1857 and is the oldest inland botanical garden in Victoria. ·The location of the botanical garden is just beside the famous Lake Wendrey in the town, with beautiful natural scenery. The overall area is as high as 40 hectares, divided into three areas. ·In the center of the park is the garden-style Victorian Botanical Garden, which is planted with flowers and natural green plants. The north and south sides extending from the center of the garden are the buffer zones of the botanical garden, with low bushes and lawns. ·There is a retro pavilion in the park. This pavilion has been preserved since the completion of the Botanical Garden and is a Victorian building that fits the garden style. ·In the pavilion, cultural relics and statues of artistic significance are sometimes displayed, including a collection of 12 white marble statues of Stuart. ·The most famous landmark in the park is a modern greenhouse made of transparent glass, which is located next to the pavilion. The shape of the entire greenhouse is a flat triangular column, which looks a bit like the Louvre. ·The greenhouse is surrounded by green plants. With the natural sunlight in the early morning or evening, the scenery here is very soft and beautiful. Therefore, the local residents of the small town also particularly like to take a walk here. They can not only enjoy the unique natural plants, but also appreciate the restored buildings that coexist with retro and modern. · In March every year, the Botanical Garden will hold the local famous Begonia Festival in the greenhouse. The greenhouse will be filled with begonia flowers of different colors and varieties. Some are suspended in the air in the greenhouse, with their waists surreptitiously stretched out of the flower baskets, hanging in the air; some are growing in the flower fields on the ground. · Flowers of different colors are mixed together to create a unique photo background wall. The transparent greenhouse glass can also introduce natural sun rays, making this closed flower sea look extraordinarily dreamy and translucent. · Address: Gillies St N, N Ballarat VIC 3355 Time: 7:30am-6pm Travel with a guest, visit Australia & New Zealand, unlock different local experience gameplay, and customize your unique free travel.
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爱在紫枫林A place that girls will love. It is so beautiful and dreamy. Ballarat has such a small castle that is so dreamy and beautiful. I think many girls will like it as much as I do. Fall in love with it. Coming here makes me find it again. It feels like a girl, filled with girls and many children wearing princess dresses. The perfect encounter with Kryal Castle was so unforgettable. There are too many things here! You can buy all kinds of decorations in the store. Even children’s princess and prince costumes also have plush toys. Every dish in the restaurant is beautifully shaped. Even the cutlery is also princess-matched. I can’t help but feel too deep into the play. Extricate yourself, but the price will be very expensive, so don't order too much. There are also many entertainment facilities that can be played for a day. After all, it takes a long time to line up. To put it bluntly, I would like to think about it, but the scale is not as big. You must buy a few plush toys as a souvenir when you come here, because they are all made of pure wool. The architecture here is a medieval style. If you are tired from walking around, you can go to the nearby Ballarat Gold Rush. There are many activities here. There are many interesting scenes. When the event is held, you can interact with the actors around you and actively participate. Everyone is very enthusiastic and can be photographed in one day. many photos. Tips Address: 121 Forbes Road | Leigh Creek, Ballarat, Victoria 3352, Australia
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爱走路爱跑步Tickets cost two dollars per person, which is a bit expensive. Isn't all museums free? The place is huge and there are many things. These short histories of countries are really cherished, and they are just modern history in China! The back door is facing the new Capitol, but unfortunately you can't go through the back door, you have to come out through the front door. There is a coin box with sexual interest in it, and there are not many participants. It seems that everyone does not care about this

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