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Cultural Experiencial Area
MelodypondI had a wonderful experience here. I went while it was overcast and warm so the temperature was not too uncomfortable. Lots of different activities and plenty of spots available to take beautiful pictures. Will definitely go again.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
National Park
小恶魔之yiBinglang Valley is a more characteristic attraction in Hainan, and is a cultural scenic spot of the Li and Miao ethnic groups. It is relatively close to Sanya Haitang Bay. It is more convenient to drive within 1 hour. It is more convenient to charter or drive by yourself. You can enter the scenic spot by foot or by car. It is more recommended to take the scenic car. You can drive to various scenic spots in the scenic spot and then continue to visit. The planning is relatively reasonable, there are very clear signs, basically all can be visited. After visiting, there is a meal, it is very meaningful.
940 Reviews
嗨月亮姐姐The glass slide in Qixianling must not be missed. The green mountain and green water are enjoying the beautiful scenery while skiing, especially cool. The slide is a few hundred meters from the foot of the mountain, so you have to climb the mountain first. When you go down the mountain, it will not be very wet, you don't need to wear a raincoat.
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_M1***16The Shanhai Expressway is open. We drive from Lingshui to Shenyu Island. Finally, 10KM County Road is bent around the middle altitude and constantly improves. Another reason is that we saw the online introduction, a bit like Qiandao Lake. Originally called Maozhen Reservoir, the water is green and calm, the mountains are green and lush. It's a poverty alleviation project, built wooden paths, small pavilions and a hotel. It's oxygen-rich and quiet.
281 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
Un RossoneriLocated next to the Qixianling National Hot Spring Forest Park, the hotel was developed in the virgin forest. Originally called Heaven on Earth, the scenery is really heaven on earth. It is definitely the top three hotels with the best scenery, and the air quality is the best. Okay, full of negative oxygen ions, making people feel a little drunk! They are all single-family villa rooms, surrounded by dense forest, very quiet! The rooms are quite spacious and the facilities are of four-star level. The whole house supplies hot spring water. The bedding is relatively comfortable, but there is no carpet, which makes it not comfortable enough! The balcony is even more spacious. The pool is located on the balcony, which can accommodate two to three people and faces the virgin forest. This is the ultimate experience of life!
59 Reviews
阿拉斯坦Dream Valley is not sold separately. Because it is not the rainy season, the waterfalls are very small. In some places, everyone is very good. The length is 1100 meters. Because I didn't finish the walk with the children, I don't know what the full name is. There are not many people, so climbing is very tiring.

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Narada Resort & Spa in Qixian MountBaoting,China

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Qixianlingmalai Hot SpringBaoting,China

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Xianlong CaveBaoting,China

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Boluodao Leisure FarmBaoting,China

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Baoting Zhihui Hongmaodan Zhongzhi BaseBaoting,China

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Baoting Lizu Miaozu Zizhixian Minzu MuseumBaoting,China

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About Baoting

Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County is located in the central part of Hainan Island to the south of Wuzhi. It is bordered by Lingshui County to the east and Sanya City to the south and west. Through many long years, natural lifestyle and society, the Li people in the Baoting area have created a rich and colorful ethnic culture. The Hefang Tea House and Qixianling Hot Spring are two of the famous attractions in Baoting. They welcome a large number of tourists every year. Baoting's excellent climate, in combination with its beautiful natural scenery, makes it a great place for holiday travel.

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Baoting Weather

Oct 16, 2021
23 ~ 26
Oct 17, 2021
Moderate Rain
23 / 28
Oct 18, 2021
Heavy Rain
23 / 26
Oct 19, 2021
Thunder with Showers
24 / 28
Oct 20, 2021
24 / 31
Oct 21, 2021
22 / 31
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Baoting
Oct 16, 2021 Baoting Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 77%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:35/18:18
Baoting Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Baoting, including: Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone,Qixianling (Seven Fairies Ridge) Hot Spring National Forest Park,Narada Resort & Spa in Qixian Mount
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