Inner Mongolia
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Things To Do in Baotou

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_We***29Drive to Wudangzhao, which is located in the north-east 70 kilometers of Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Wudang gully. The mountaintops overlap, Cangsong Cuibai, road twists and turns, when the beginning of the deep green hills to see a magnificent, building scale of the great Zhao Temple, that is, Wudangzhao. Wudangzhao is the most exquisite temple in the inner mongolia, which has been dedicated to the deepest temple for centuries, and the outside world has little chance to contact and understand its artistic connotation.
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National Park
Jurajivathe prairies were amazing. Definitely off the beaten track but a great sight to see. There are good tours available to take you there. just ask your hotel and they should let you know. you can ride horse. see a horse show and also stay in yurts overnight. would highly recommend for the adventurous. Warning. there is a lot of dairy products and meat. so if you are vegan make sure to bring something to eat. there are a few vegan friendly options but make sure to do research beforehand.
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Military Site
arshyb1The place has a lot of guns and machinery. you can take pictures with the planes and tanks. it’s really interesting to see. the cost is very cheap to enter as well.
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Historical Site
gisellewqlFirst visit the Meidaizhao Museum, then walk around the several temples behind the tour guide. This is the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism, with a long history and no southern temples, but still has a deep historical flavor. It is recommended to find someone to explain it and better understand it. Overall, about 40 minutes, is also considered to have come to Inner Mongolia famous attractions.
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M47***55As the first time to the aquarium, I think it is not bad, a total of four floors, the underground level is a large fish tank, and a variety of small fish tank, there are a variety of fish, beautiful; The first floor is the mermaid show, too many people, not much to see, the second floor is the sea lion show, the sea lion is super cute, just wait for half an hour, I feel that the show is a bit short, the pool is small; the fourth floor is birds, oysters. The overall feeling is not worth the trip, the price is a bit high compared to the Ordos Grand Ocean Pavilion, there is no undersea tunnel.
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_We***96This is a place you will never regret going. i had a lot of fun. I enjoyed my chinese golden there.