Bath and North East Somerset
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Things To Do in Bath

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Rock Monument
西溪老翁"Stonehenge, British, is located in the Salisbury Plain, more than 100 kilometers southwest of London. Therefore, it is also known as Salisbury Stonehenge, Ring Stone, Temple of the Sun, Stone Table, Stonehenge Stone Column and Stokengli Stone Circle. It is a famous temple site of the culture of the prehistoric times in Europe." Built around 2300 BC, this is the most famous and mysterious prehistoric site on the British Isles. Stonehenge is also called the Round Stone Forest, with dozens of huge stones forming a large circle, some of them six meters high. So far, no one knows exactly what the purpose of the construction was. No one knows how the ancient Welsh people transported dozens of tons of stones to the Salisbury Plain (Salisbury Plain) more than 300 kilometers away.
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D36***86It s a historical place worth to go. The underground hot spring is still working. What a wonderful historical building.
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Historical Architecture
萨拉热窝的夏雨荷Very beautiful Royal Crescent Building, grand old buildings, large, many tourists, Italian style decoration, the Royal Crescent Building Road and houses are arranged in the crescent curve, beautiful curves are beautiful, fascinating, excellent, are all taking pictures, It's the most expensive street in England. It's really nice,
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Historical Site
_FB***26as always such an amazing city, stunning views full of history & lots to see.
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西溪老翁The Basilica of St. Peter's St. Paul, or Basilica, is a pale yellowish-looking, cross-shaped surface of typical Basilica stones, built in the 7th century A.D., undergoing reconstruction, fire and restoration, and finally completed in the 16th century, the present Gothic architecture, which can accommodate 1,200 people, Magnificent. The most striking goal of the Abbey of Bath is the majestic stained glass to the east, with 56 scenes of 56 pieces of glass describing the events of Jesus' life, including many stories between the time of his birth and the time of his death when he was crucified at the age of 33. The Abbey of Bath, the iconic building of Bath, is also the venue for the Bath International Music Festival and many other major festivals, and was once the crowning ground of England's first emperor.
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翼儿爱自由There are two relics in the ancient city of Bath in the United Kingdom, which are closely related to this city. One is the Roman Baths of more than 2000 years, and the other is the former residence of British female writer Jane Austen for more than 200 years. She lived and created and created works here. Up to now, there are four vigorous colors and a wide range of influence. I visited Jane Austen’s former residence and revisited Pride and Prejudice. The procrastinating narrative still felt difficult to read. In fact, in terms of style, I prefer "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights" by the Bronte sisters. The literary infiltration of the ordinary outside, unrestrained heart, and equality advocating equality came from this. The vague memory left in the impression of reading is the scene of the English Highlands.