Bayan Nur
Inner Mongolia
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Things To Do in Bayan Nur

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M48***50Wuliang Suhai beautiful climate warm and moist, a variety of wild water birds everywhere, the scenic area equipped with bird hall experience area, there are detailed text explanation. There are viewing rooms with special grilled fish, you can also experience sailing, umbrella, motorboat and other special items, feel [scene] beautiful [interesting] fun [price/performance] very good.
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勇猛十温柔Bayannur has a long history, and the splendid Hetao culture and colorful grassland civilization carry the weight of history. There are not only the dinosaur fossil area and Yinshan rock paintings in Bayinmandu, which are of great archaeological value and well-known, but also the dust-covered tombs of the Han Dynasty, the Great Wall of the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Jilusai, Gaoquesai and other ancient city sites and ancient temples. In the past few years, countless moving historical stories have been performed on the land of Hetao, such as Mengtian repairing the Great Wall, reclaiming the border, Wei Qing, Huo Qubing fighting the Xiongnu, Zhaojun going out of the fortress, Wenji returning to Han, the hometown of Lu Bu of the Three Kingdoms, Wang Tongchun developing Hetao water conservancy, Feng Yuxiang oath, Fu Zuoyi resisting Japan, etc.
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Historical Site
天鹅湖的青蛙In the middle of Inner Mongolia, there are mysterious patterns since the Stone Age. About 2.1 million square kilometers, more than 50,000 sub-yinshan rock paintings have been found. The time lasts for tens of thousands of years.
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Water Conservancy Project
M26***23To transform the rotten into a magical place, promote low carbon, ecology and environmental protection ideas in a special way, tell the story of the Yellow River, carry forward the Yellow River culture, a cultural and creative scenic spot full of interesting and humanistic care.
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Water Park
户县侯君集The two children were very happy and said they would come to play. All the items are included in the ticket. The staff is very dedicated, but the water is a bit muddy and the buffet is average!
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放飞九月Jingxin Expressway is currently the only expressway in the world built on a mobile desert. It is said that this is the most beautiful highway in China. But some people say that it's too desolate, it's all desert, and it's nothing to watch. I distinguished it carefully. Generally speaking, the ones that are not good-looking are mostly from the Northwest. They see the desert style a lot, and they are a little tired of aesthetics. But for us in the mainland, the Jingxin Expressway, this desert expressway, is particularly attractive. Personally, I really think that G7 is very beautiful! These are some aerial photos taken in the high-speed service area on the way to Ejina Banner from Bayannaoer. There are really many headlines. Many people can drive directly to Hami from Bayannaoer, crossing the Ejina Banner in one day. There are also people who can drive from Hami to Baotou. We are beyond our reach! For one thing, we don't have to hurry. Secondly, we really like the beauty of this desert highway, so the service area has more visits, more rest and more photos, and it took a lot of time. Friends, do you like this desert beauty?