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Things To Do in Bazhou

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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客Although this said that only a hotel type of mixed spring bathing place, but, the venue type of equipment can also, the attention of various mineral elements content pools, customers can choose freely.
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E54***56A great place to spend a day with the whole family. They have a safari ride on a truck, when the visitors can see and feed tigers and bears. Although on the weekend there are very many people and it's hard to get there by car because of the traffic. Kids can enjoy the baby animal kindergarten there.
53 Reviews
M58***62Went with friends, and see if I would take the kids with me if I’m good, I feel pretty good, the house is warm, the water is clean and the service is good. I will definitely bring my family with my family next time I go.
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Hot Springs Resort
刘丽颖1991Very good experience, just not so many people, it is quite quiet, the room environment on the 4th floor is also very good, soaked downstairs, go upstairs to do a full body massage, the masseur's technique is very good, will come back to visit
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Hot Springs Resort
139***60Sun Moon Lake Hot Spring, you can stay or just soak in the hot spring ♨️. The environment is very good, and the hot spring water is also very comfortable. The hot spring pool is large, so there will be no embarrassment of crowding people. There are also living creatures that children like: fish, ducks, etc.
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Hot Springs Resort
绿蚁新醅酒09The Sena Hot Spring Hotel is located at the Sena Hot Spring Hotel in the middle section of Taishan Road. A waiter will guide you all the way after entering. There are many hot spring pools, both indoor and outdoor, with different water temperatures and clean water. There are not many people in the afternoon on weekdays, so the experience is very good. In addition to the public bath, there are private baths, children’s play areas, massage areas, leisure areas, etc. There is also a small swimming pool with lights on the blue roof, which is a bit like a starry sky. The depth of the pool is 1.2 to 1.6 meters. , The water temperature is appropriate. There are toiletries in the shower area, and facial cleanser needs to be obtained from the waiter. Overall it feels good. The waiter kept staring while changing clothes, which was a bit uncomfortable.