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Yolande (Yoli)A must see type of place. wow what an amazing experience here at the Water caves. So much to see and do here.
1,983 Reviews
_We***25feels like Path of Heaven The place was more than the picturesWas so close to natureits an amazing beautiful Autumn! i lost myself within the nature.... If you’re a nature lover i highly recommended u to go this place and enjoy the nature
747 Reviews
夏吹夏夜风Laobiangou scenic spot is located in Benxi County, Benxi County, Liaoning Province, Dongyingfang Township, about 60 kilometers east of Benxi County. Biangou coconut coconut has several farmhouses, can provide food and lodging. Scenic Area Gate (Ticket Station) is about 800 meters away from the Biangou Coconut, and about 4 kilometers into the scenic area gate to reach the tourist area. Suitable for self-driving, the car can drive into the scenic area (parking fee is 20 yuan), and park in the parking lot of the tourist area. If you are free to travel, the border ditch dumplings to the tourist area is nearly 5 kilometers away, traffic problems are more troublesome. There are 3 shuttle buses in the town of Lianchang to the border ditch dumplings every day. The time to return to the town of Lianchang is: 10:30, 11:30, 13:00. In the tourist season, the shuttle bus will drive to the parking lot in the scenic spot to solicit passengers. Lianchang Town is a town with a long history. There are many shuttle buses to and from the county, about 20 minutes, one bus, Chinese bus model. The ticket for the old Biangou scenic spot is 78 yuan. If you stay in the side ditch, you can buy a ticket from the inn owner for 65 yuan. The tour area starts from the parking lot and runs along the river until the upstream end, about 7.5 kilometers one way. There is a battery car in the tour area, 10 yuan one way. The young people are physically strong and can hike all the way back and forth. If they are less physically strong, they can take a single way and another one way by battery car. We took the battery car first to the upstream, then walked back to the parking lot, walking and playing for about 3 hours.
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301301The Green Stone Valley is full of greenery and pleasant scenery. It has just rained and there is plenty of water. This time we have a family of three with our parents, my sister’s family of three, and a happy family traveling together. I feel that there are beautiful scenery everywhere. It is not far from the road. You can walk or take a sightseeing bus. It is suitable for taking the elderly and children together.
515 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
草叶飘飞World cultural heritage, personal feel worth to see. More than 2,000 years ago, Zhu Meng built the city on the Wunu Mountain, now still retains the wall of that time, witnessing the time in a hurry. 18 plates long enough, a line of sky is steep enough, the lake is long enough, Taiji eight cities, the perfect combination of nature and humanities. Recommend to visit, feel the change of the world, know the life of this Guo Ren.
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shirleywljAlthough Shenyang to Dashi Lake is only 160 kilometers, the high speed limit is 100, and the toll is 22.8 yuan. The access road is often limited to 50 or 60 kilometers, so it takes 3.5 hours each way. We walk and pat in the scenic spot for more than four hours. Yesterday the weather was very good, the beauty of maple leaf red is precisely the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The staff at the gate of the scenic spot is particularly good in service and attitude. Not a worthwhile trip!

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About Benxi

Benxi City is located in the southeast of Liaoning Province and a famous steel city in China. It is an important base and capital for industry. It is rich in mineral deposits and has a magical and beautiful natural landscape. During the fall season, maple leaves turn red in scenic spots like Tieshan Mountain, Guanmen Mountain and Wunu Mountain, which give Benxi its dazzling colors. UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, Wushangshan Mountain City, tells the history of Goguryeo. The hot spring temple Nurhachi once graced is now a resort for health and sightseeing.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Benxi
Oct 17, 2021 Benxi Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 20%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:58/17:02
Benxi Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Benxi, including: Benxi Water Caves,Guanmen Mountain National Forest Park,Benxi Laobiangou Scenic Spot
You could try Benxi Water Caves,Lüshi Valley,Tieshashan,Huaximu Hot Spring,Kangxi Physiotherapy Hot Spring Resort in Benxi
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