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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
左拉在旅行The Big Buddha Tower is still quite classic. It's very good to take pictures. The big tower is very good to see. There is no such style in the Mainland and Tibet. It's not far from Kathmandu, so it's not expensive to take a taxi back and forth. It's a must-do if you don't go to the white place.
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Historical Site
katy616The Nyatapora Temple, also known as the five-story pagoda, located on Bad Ganduba Square, was built in the 17th century. It is the tallest temple in Nepal and one of the most representative landmarks. The sculptures are vivid and lifelike, very exquisite, very popular with tourists...
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Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
狮子国女王Changgunarayan Temple is located on the north side of Badgang Square. It is a very important part of Badgang. The carvings in the temple are very exquisite and it is listed as a world cultural heritage. After the earthquake, Badgang was severely destroyed, and most of the monuments are under restoration.
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18677980981The Pottery Square is a point when you enter the Badgang Durbar Square. Watching the local old people in Nepal take out the finished pottery blanks to dry them, the sun is shining on the pottery and the old man’s face. Rustic and pure. Peng Ran's heart moved, the voice stayed, and the image that blended into it came into my mind. The picture is so beautiful and clear, and the happiness of life is nothing but this!
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Historical Site
闲来有趣Taumadi Square Badgang is the most friendly city to Chinese people. There are not only Chinese guide maps, but also guides who can speak Mandarin. The tickets for Chinese are also half price. We invited one to explain it to us, so as not to have to guess at any temple like yesterday. 2⃣ Nyatapora Temple is the only high-rise building in Taumadi Square. The tour guide said that this temple is the tallest Hindu temple in Nepal. It is dedicated to the goddess Hitirakshmi, also known as the "Temple of Fortune". But obviously there is no incense. It seems that Nepalese are quite lack of desire for money. 7⃣ Stone statues of samurai, elephant, lion, eagle and goddess stand on both sides of the stone steps. According to the guide, the higher the species, the more divine The closer, the higher the status, so the samurai (human) is the lowest servant. No wonder it is helpless if you have ideas. 5⃣ The steps are very steep, but you can get a bird's-eye view of the entire square. The huge eaves can also be shaded. It is indeed a good place to take a break and look at the scenery to find beautiful women. It’s a pity that beautiful women are rare here, and the hordes of dogs below are fighting for territory.
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Historical Site
为爱痴狂qqThe view from Bactapour is really beautiful, like a scroll, and there are lots of interesting little games, which are a good value for money for a tourist attraction

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With a distance of 14km to Kathmandu, Bhadgaon is the cradle of Nepalese architectural art. You can see the most ancient Hindu temples in the suburbs there. If your time is limited, you can spend a day strolling around Durbar Square. However, you need to stay at least one night to fully appreciate the charm of the ancient city.
avtarTripBlog   Dec 27, 2019

Bhaktapur Weather

Oct 22, 2021
17 ~ 23
Oct 23, 2021
16 / 22
Oct 24, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
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Partly Clear
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Oct 22, 2021 Bhaktapur Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 82%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:07/17:28
Bhaktapur Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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