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Things To Do in Binyang

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Historical Architecture
M28***47The ancient house is aroma of the century and is worth visiting, with many scenes and martial arts performances, which adds to the special color of the old house
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Ancient Settlement
西柚柑桔皮Gradually attracted by you, the beautiful ancient city may have been that you were not so beautiful in people's eyes. When people's love for you gradually increases, you start to be beautiful and moving. What I like most is the swing in the ancient city, sitting on a swing and feeling the slow time of life. Listening to the sounds of nature on the small road is so harmonious and beautiful (´͈ ⌵ `͈ )σண♡There are retro homestays like the secluded nine houses, which have both the traces of the years and the beauty of advancing with the times. It’s a kind of happiness to have a heart-warming study room like a free bookstore. It’s a kind of happiness for us who like to read. No matter what you are in the eyes of others. What kind of thing, but in my heart you are the most beautiful-the ancient city of Pennsylvania
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Historical Site
我自独行独行客Kunlun Pass, located at the junction of Binyang County and Nanning City, Nanning City, 50 kilometers away from Nanning City, Guangxi capital. It is said that Binyang Kunlun Pass was built by General Ma Yuan in the Han Dynasty, and it has been more than 1000 years.
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Featured Neighborhood
khccSouth Street is located in the ancient city of Pennsylvania. It is also the only street. It takes time to walk from one end to the other. But the street is not well planned, the house is very old, and there is no such prosperous commercial street as imagined. After a walk, I ate a bowl of sour powder next to the archway.
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珍珠的泪The ancient scenic spots in Binyang County are in the innermost part of the old street. The annual Paolong Festival is the most lively place. People will come here to worship the gods and pray for blessings on the fifteenth day of the new year. It is very spiritual, and there are several hidden in the old street. Street’s historic powder shop and salt cake shop, good taste and affordable
Nearby City
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Theme Park
你说什么都对啊Fonte ASEAN God Painting is a romantic trip. It is too hot during the day, it is recommended to come to the night game, tickets are 199 yuan / person, 1.1 meters (including) above need to buy tickets, the size is the same price. Although it is a night game, there are many items to play. After the ticket is checked in, make an appointment for the song of the thousand islands. The staff there are very good and enthusiastic. They are willing to ask for help. They also actively introduce other projects. They accompany you to fly into Angkor, Malacca Warriors, Canyon Rafting, and the stage fireworks show at night. Oh, there is also a float cruise with a pirate theme. The overall experience is good, and the ASEAN atmosphere is very good. Some facilities in the park are complete, there are social parking lots (paid parking), there are quite a lot of parking spaces, there will be rental charging treasures, storage cabinets, many rest areas, too suitable for me. 😂😂😂 Worth seeing, hm!