Bohol Island
Central Visayas
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Things To Do in Bohol Island

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Pamela LorenzoI’ts a beautiful place to go with your loved ones. You’ll feel the province vibes with the scenic view from the top of the mountain.Chocolate hills of bohol 🌴
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EnjoyTripThe beach is so clear and clean, that you can also swim with small fishes. The island is just small that you can just walk around it. Though you really need to rent a boat going there from bantayan island but it will just take 15 to 20 mins ride. You have to be in your swimwear when you get off the boat since there is no docking area, so you have to be ready for your legs to get wet. You cannot bring food in the island because there is a corkage so you have to eat first in the boat.
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Rosseauwe went to Balicasag from Panglao. first we did dolphin watching which I wouldn’t recommend. The boats circle the dolphins and charge after them to get a better view. Balicasag itself has a wonderful diversity of fush and sea turtles. we saw sea turtles feeding and it was great! Took a video with my phone but the quality isn’t great!
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Nigel AtuelPowder white sand beach. A very nice place to relax and unwind.
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fcy911When traveling to Bohol Island in the Philippines, the Lobo River is one of the must-visit attractions, known as the "Oriental Amazon River". Everyone was on a boat tour, the pristine tropical scenery on both sides of the strait made people linger, this kind of beauty is rare. The singers on the ship sang familiar songs. Later, the singer invited tourists to sing. Some of the companions who were not stage fright sang. There are many characteristic houses on both sides of the strait, and many children are still performing here. There are also many interesting buildings on the riverside, which remind you to find out. Taking the boat down the river, slowly, time seems to be slowing down, the wish seems to stagnate, and gradually intoxicated.
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M38***13The Bee Farm is a very famous attraction on Bohol Island in recent years, which features healthy ecological food. The owner of the farm is a naturalist, so the food here is made by her. The ingredients are derived from pure natural flower juice and honey. The farm is built in the depths of the coconut grove. The signature dishes here include honey lemongrass tea, honey pumpkin cake, honey lasagna, honey grilled chicken wings and other dishes are blended with honey, which is very healthy. In addition to providing food, the farm also provides accommodation. Although the price is more expensive, you can feel the beauty of nature and harmony here, which should be excellent value for money