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284 Reviews
lyn0919At the foot of Midui glacier is a small Tibetan village called Midui Village, only 6 kilometers away from the 318 highway in Sichuan and Tibet, belonging to Bomi County, Nyingchi region. Due to the low altitude, warm and rainy, the surrounding villages are rich forests except for fertile land. In late autumn, the rice heap glacier area, the yellow leaves and the glaciers that fall from the sky, interweave into a beautiful natural scenery, let people eye-catching and long-lasting forgotten.
123 Reviews
Flower Fields
曹 操March 25, 2020 Location: Bomi Taohuagou All the peach blossoms in Bomi Taohuagou have bloomed Not a single tourist. Although the scenery is beautiful, no one appreciates it. The beauty that can be seen everywhere, the most beautiful spring in China is definitely in Bomi. This blue sky, this white cloud, this peach blossom, this snow mountain, this green barley land, words can not describe it, I decided to do nothing when the peach blossoms are in full bloom, just enjoy Flower, never miss this spring, who knows what will happen next, live in the present. This year’s beautiful scenery of Bomi may only be seen by the people of Bomi, and I look forward to the future.
86 Reviews
Nature Reserve
下班的老杨#Gangxiang#This place was really amazing at the beginning of the trip, because I was a little tired of seeing various peach blossom villages a few days ago. I didn't expect to enter a beautiful picture~ Inside a homestay, I ate a authentic Tibetan meal, the Tibetan incense pig is really fat~ The scenery of this homestay is also quite good~ The whole area is the 'Gangxiang Nature Reserve', and the Palon Tibetan Buddha is next to it. This water is really ice ~ the tourism development is good, it feels clean and natural and beautiful~
62 Reviews
Snow Mountain
大胃张😍😍😍Beautiful, lost beauty, especially in the morning with a little morning mist permeating the lake, really a wonderland on earth, the best life in imagination is not too many people in the whole scenic area, don't worry about crowds, enjoy a leisurely life! Give you a good pull
22 Reviews
下班的老杨3.29 In the evening, going to the lake #Yuanlang#, the weather is a bit dark, there is no sun, the small lake is a lot of photography lovers, although the wind is very strong and cold, but everyone's photography enthusiasm is very high, this angle is very good, just the lake peach blossom trees, There was a beautiful woman riding a horse in white on the lake, this picture is really beautiful~ sadly time relations, no more stays left
26 Reviews
Ancient Villages
黛西501The pastoral style, green grass, pink peach blossoms, and the distant snowy mountains are very quiet and peaceful. Tibetans call their own yards to take pictures of visitors, each of them charge five yuan tickets.

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Guxiang TempleNyingchi,China

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Midui GlacierNyingchi,China

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Galang Lake Scenic AreaNyingchi,China

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Yigong National GeoparkNyingchi,China

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Oct 26, 2021
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Light Rain
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Oct 26, 2021 Bomi Weather: Overcast, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 94%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:46/18:56
Bomi Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Bomi, including: Midui Glacier,Gangxiang Nature Reserve,Guxiang Lake
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