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Historical Site
bobosReading the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao always feels that he is a military genius with a great many plots and victories, but if we look at Cao Cao's life, we will find that the whole army is lost and survived. Any one of these experiences can easily push most people into the abyss of despair, but Cao Cao can always regroup, face all adversities with an optimistic smile, lead his men to sweep the group, lay a bully. Come to Luzhou to walk the Cao Cao underground military transportation road, feel the hero of the troubled world Cao Cao's great 👍 to feel its ambition to destroy the boat, sweep the group, Qiao Xionghao.
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Historical Architecture
M48***75As a person of Jingzhou, who grew up in Suzhou, he has never visited Jingzhou. He is really ashamed to say the truth and the gardens in the southern part of Jiangsu. The ancient town is different. It has more charm and represents the prosperity of the past, although we all go our separate ways for a living, don't forget our hometown. Good, go home and see more. For me, the flower building is more beautiful than all the scenic spots in the southern part of Sunan.
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Historical Architecture
M21***31It seems that the tourist attractions of money shops all over the country are the same. Making old money and Republic notes as exhibits, building a counter and a fake treasury, it seems that there should be some characteristics.
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Ancient Pagoda
106***66The manbutsu pagoda is also called the flower arrangement pagoda, the kokaji pagoda and the Jiji Ji pagoda (because there is koka Ji Temple in the Song Dynasty and Jiji Ji Temple in the Yuan Dynasty), and is commonly called the 'monjo brick pagoda.' The manbutsu pagoda is located at the southeast end of the castle in Mengcheng County, Jizhou City, Anhui Province, and was built in 1102. The whole tower is a pavilion-style brick tower with an eight-story roof, high 42.2 meters, 24 meters in circumference and 8 meters in diameter at the bottom of the tower. It is named because of the more than 8,000 statues of Buddha inlaid inside and outside the tower. There is a temple on the east side of the tower, the Mingxinghua Temple, so the earliest tower is called Xinghua Tower.
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天鹅湖的青蛙I am also old Jingzhou people, before really don't know there are so many features, such as paper-cut, also divided north and south school. Cutting things have a particular, six state chess, have never heard. Dragons and lions dance north drum.
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Taoist Temple
106***66Tianjing Palace, commonly known as Laozi Temple, also known as Zhongtaiqing Palace. It is a sacred place to commemorate Laozi, the great thinker, philosopher, founder of Taoism School and founder of Taoism in the pre-Qin period of China. Tianjing Palace is located in Zhengdian Village, Huibei Street, Huiyang County, Zhangzhou City, Anhui Province.

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Tianjing PalaceBozhou,China

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Baiyi Buddhist ConventBozhou,China

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Bozhouchengshi Exhibition hallBozhou,China

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Linyongcheng Botanical GardenBozhou,China

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Jiuding Lingshan TempleBozhou,China

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Yimen MosqueBozhou,China

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Bozhou Travel Tips

About Bozhou

Bozhou is an ancient city with a rich history. Many famous historical figures were born here, including the Han dynasty physician Hua Tuo. Today, the city is regarded as one of the four main centers of traditional Chinese medicine. The famous liquor Gujing Gongjiu is also made here. Popular attractions include a Chinese liquor museum that features exhibits on the history of China's traditional liquors.

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Oct 15, 2021
Light Rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Bozhou
Oct 15, 2021 Bozhou Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 17–25 kph, Humidity: 83%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:21/17:44
Bozhou Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Bozhou, including: Cao Cao Military Transport Tunnel,Huaxi Hall,Nanjing Alley Qianzhuang
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