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Things To Do in Ceheng

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D34***16Gorgeous waterfall, on Tuesday in the summer holidays, there were no queues. No need to take the escalator down, it's an easy walk.
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蕙质兰心蕙质兰心Guizhou Shuangrufeng National Intangible Cultural Heritage Area is a karst peak forest, is also a ghost axes and magical naturalization, because of the similarity of women's breasts and named. The whole scenic area presents Shuangrufeng, Stone Forest, original ecological Buyi cultural area, Temple, become people close to nature, fly happy, leisure and vacation place...
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m19***57I only bought the ticket of Shangdongfeng. I am not interested in the glass counter in the form of Xifeng net red. So the scenic staff let us get on a car. There are no other tourists driving up the mountain. The car is moving at a constant speed. It is just in conjunction with the explanation played on the car. After getting off the bus, You still need to climb a section of the mountain to the entrance of the Hornet Cave, the Hornet Cave goes down to the skylight, then the original road back to the entrance is a bit tired, then climb the mountain to a observation platform, then climb a section of the mountain to the East Peak, and finally go down to the bus stop, generally, the Tiankeng is just a form of the mountain.
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_We***42One of the most amazing places i've seen. The water falls through the vegetation on all sjdes as you walk in the middle. Really something to are!
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Geological Sites
_We***42Beatiful place with fantastic scenery. Would recommend taking a scooter and riding around into the hills for a personal feeling of the area.
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玛玛努卡群岛丁大全Local museum of ethnic groups, showing the traditional culture of the Buyi people.