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Things To Do in Changde

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M45***83Come to the Taohuayuan Scenic Area on weekends to climb the mountain, breathe the fresh air, very comfortable and relaxing~ This scenic spot is really very big, first of all, the parking lot in front of the main tourist center is very very big, listen to the tour guide said, not only this parking lot! The ancient town of Taohuayuan near the Zhu Visitor Center is a small town with a lot of food. The architecture style is very special. You can also find special snacks such as tea and Changde rice noodles. It is very comfortable. Then we have to go back to the main visitor center and take the shuttle bus to enter the scenic area. ~ Although the scenic spot is large, but the transportation service is still very perfect, intimate!
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AK谌尧With his wife, Zaizai will play from 5 to 9:30 in the afternoon. It's quite fun. Both adults and children will have fun. The staff inside is very good. I accidentally washed my mobile phone while surfing. The staff picked it up and sent it to the tourist service center as soon as possible. Special thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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Macro_726Very good, there are many night games, and it is cheap. The height limit is very si. There are not more than 1*2 that can't be played, that is to take children, I don't have time to play those exciting projects, I played one, it's exciting, it's fun.
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首席监理Liuye Lake Tourist Resort is located in the northeast of Changde Ancient City, Hunan Province. It was founded in 1993, and is named because the lake is shaped like a Liuye leaf. It belongs to the West Dongting Lake. It is a compound tourist resort with four parts: mountains, water, pastoral and city. It is known as the "First Lake of China City" and "Water Paradise surrounded by cities", and it is a national 4A level tourist attraction, national water conservancy scenic spot, and provincial tourist resort. The resort has the world of Kale Planet, the Great Tang Sima City, the world of happy water, the beach park, the scenery belt around the lake, the white-hot tourist town, the golf international club, Changdehe Street, the German style street, Liu Yi biography, Liu Ye poetry and other scenic spots, The development pattern of lake leisure, forest leisure, city leisure and country leisure has basically formed, and become the tourist destination of many tourists leisure and vacation.
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M23***35It still looks quite shocking, that is, 51 went to the weather is not good, it is raining hard, sitting on the boat is like a flood and fleeing. After the rain has stopped, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, or worth seeing.
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Boat Tour
garyhu1989It’s worth going. I thought it was too expensive to take a cruise at this price, but I knew it once I really took it. There are performances along the road, with explanations on various bridges, which are very characteristic of Changde, condensing Changde silk strings, bangs chopping woods, rice noodles The characteristics are impressive. It is recommended that the boat be closer to the performance on the shore.