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Things To Do in Changli

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Ornamental Hot spring
眼泪琥A must see the stunt show... It's very beautiful! It's almost like Universal Studios' future water world... There are children's water park and hot springs... It is recommended to buy a joint ticket... After playing in the water park, I have enough to go to the beach, it's good to wash the hot springs and eat self-service! Haha! The arrangement is clear and full...the premise is that you must go early... There are more thieves in the peak season and holidays... When you enter the door, buy a small train ticket, it will be much easier! Go to the hot spring and bring your own waterproof bag (which is quite expensive inside), Hey,
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易海999Very good attractions, great value for money. Tickets are not expensive, but in addition to a lot of sand sculptures, there are many entertainment items, and they are very fun. I went in and found out that there are entertainment items inside, many of them are included in the tickets! Great value for money, nice view, fun and fun, overall great,
646 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
薇薇猪猪Manager Liu Yueqiao arranged a very good VIP private room is very comfortable, and the fruit plate and tea are also very good. Vacation ⛱️ Come here is really good. I hope that the more you can do, the better. The service attitude is very good.
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行走的地瓜条May 1 came out with friends to watch the sunrise. We were awake for a night and were afraid of the alarm clock ⏰ I thought I'd oversleep at the best time to watch the sunrise in Anaya. About 5 o'clock, the sun basically came out at 5 o'clock 🌅 The temperature in the morning is very low. It is recommended that everyone wear a coat! About 7:00 the sun will leak out this time period very quickly, the sea surface is very gentle and romantic, with two glasses of wine slowly empty, feel everything is worth it, look forward to the next sunrise 🌅
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金玉成Changli Sands Center is worth visiting, one side is the beach, the other is the sands park, there are many comprehensive recreational projects! Good value for money! Although it is a little far from the center of Qinhuangdao (about 50 kilometers), it is still worth a trip!
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Hot Springs Resort
M34***38Fisheer Hot Spring ♨️ is located in the fishing island scenic spot. The window is the sea. The scenery is beautiful. It is worth driving to come. There are many pools. Each pool has its own characteristics and temperature. There are tropical plants inside, but there are too few people during the epidemic. Remember this time last year, there are a lot of people, come on, hang in there, you are the best in Beijing and Tianjin!