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Theme Park
易海999Very good attractions, great value for money. Tickets are not expensive, but in addition to a lot of sand sculptures, there are many entertainment items, and they are very fun. I went in and found out that there are entertainment items inside, many of them are included in the tickets! Great value for money, nice view, fun and fun, overall great,
1,664 Reviews
Ornamental Hot spring
M32***67I went four or five times. The water quality is really good. The swimming pool is hot spring water. When I went, I opened a swimming pool and a water slide outside. The water temperature in the mountain and forest enjoyment area upstairs is too high. It is basically impossible to take more than 5 minutes. It is recommended not to be so hot. The scenery of the fishing island is good, behind the go is the sea, accommodation is also OK, the only disadvantage is the buffet, there are not many kinds, seafood is not delicious, after the price increase is worse.
651 Reviews
dlu808The morning run routes in Anaya are well worth the experience, the beach and wetlands are typical, there are plenty of other routes to see the various architectural forms, and anyone who likes to run will not be disappointed. It is said that the coastline will be 5 kilometers long after the North Bank is built. I wish it could be built faster. It seems that the feeling of running to the seaside in Hong Kong is back.
653 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M56***29The scenery is beautiful outside. It is especially comfortable to watch the sepao hot springs. The downside is that the indoor space is small, and many pools are like bigger indoors. It is best to have a buffet for lunch.
372 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
秦皇岛缤塔西餐咖啡Fisheer Hot Spring ♨️ is located in the fishing island scenic spot. The window is the sea. The scenery is beautiful. It is worth driving to come. There are many pools. Each pool has its own characteristics and temperature. There are tropical plants inside, but there are too few people during the epidemic. Remember this time last year, there are a lot of people, come on, hang in there, you are the best in Beijing and Tianjin!
390 Reviews
祺士Sunshine 🌞 Beach 🏖️ And beauty 👩🏻‍🦰 When you think of Qinhuangdao, it is definitely the sea and beach 🏖️, by the way, and the seafood is indeed, it is too bad to experience these in Qinhuangdao 😜 First, it is the gold coast that comes first from the south. Let you just enter Qinhuangdao to experience the unique charm of the sea, wind, salty, fresh flavor, take a deep breath, all have 🥳 Gold Coast total 3 kilometers long, both ways let you appreciate 1️⃣ If there are friends and girlfriends, walk on the beach, walk and watch the sea, I am tired and sit on the beach and bathe in the sun. I say two whispers that the talent understands. I look at the sun. The sun is setting. . . Think about it. I feel full 🤗2️⃣ Welcome to the sunset, drop off the window, 🚗 Drive on the seaside road 🛣, slow down and enjoy the ride, In the car, Zhou Dong's "I want Summer" and "Sunshine Zhaiman" are played, peace and love... At night, eating steam seafood 🐙, drinking small wine 🥃, really enjoy the experience ❗️ Come to Qinhuangdao and don't rush the game. Must slow down, taste slowly and enjoy, life is still good

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Lutian Hot SpringQinhuangdao,China

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Shuangxi ParkQinhuangdao,China

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Jieshi MountainQinhuangdao,China

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Biluo BayQinhuangdao,China

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Paoji Amusement ParkQinhuangdao,China

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Changli Travel Tips

About Changli

Located in northeastern Hebei Province, Changli (昌黎) County has long been famed for its flowers and fruits, abundant agriculture, culture, tourism, raccoon raising, and red wine. Changli County’s Yangge (秧歌) dance, folk songs, and shadow puppet theaters have been added to the nation’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Well-known attractions here include Yudao (渔岛), the Gold Coast, Jieshi (碣石) Mountain, and Yuanying (源影) Temple Tower.

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Changli Weather

Oct 17, 2021
4 ~ 15
Oct 18, 2021
3 / 15
Oct 19, 2021
2 / 12
Oct 20, 2021
1 / 14
Oct 21, 2021
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Oct 22, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Changli
Oct 17, 2021 Changli Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 17–25 kph, Humidity: 23%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:15/17:22
Changli Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Changli, including: Yudao – Fish Island,Sand Sculpture Ocean Park,The Ronghe Xinyuan Hot Springs at Arcadia Seaside Holiday Hotel
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