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Theme Park
M31***79Advantages: Children under 17 can enjoy half price, the scenic area can bring their own food and water, most of them are air-conditioned indoors, suitable for children to play in summer. The time of each performance is relatively compact and the interval is not long. Inadequacies: The signs in the scenic area are not obvious, it is easy to go wrong, the price of the scenic area is not reasonable: mineral water 5 yuan, other drinks 10 yuan, mermaid buffet $68 yuan, hamburger + sausage + cola 38 yuan, popcorn 20 yuan, the cheapest package 38 yuan, it is recommended to bring your own water and food.
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M32***94To drift 3-4 hours, you must eat and drink enough, and then 8-9 After the rainy season, the water is more adequate and the overall stimulus is raised. Finally, you must emphasize that if you can do the heat prevention, wear a non-summer clothes and pants, and throw away the bath directly because the water is relatively mixed. Dirty
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Leesing小歆When you talk about the Blue Mountain in Shili, everyone's response in 1⃣️ should be the sea of Majuya flowers, the sea of flowers with purple and red, the sea of flowers, the key is here 🌺 seasonal flowers, 🌸 month and month, 🌼 flowers every day, you can enjoy this landscape whenever. - In addition to the Maluya Flower Sea, there are some rides, such as 🌈 Rainbow Dry Skating Raceway, which slides rapidly from the multicolored slides of several hundred meters; For example, 🌧️ rainforest water drifts, transparent glass channels slip out, as if suspended in the air in the forest, such as 🚗 kart park, Fujian first 🌸 cherry blossom kart track, feel the speed and the collision of passion. -🏠 Scenic Area: Shili Blue Mountain 🈺️ Time: 8:30~ 17:00(Night Field) 18:00~ 21:30(Night Field)📍 Address: Mayangxi Mountain Chongcun, Changtai County, Zhangzhou City 💰 Tickets: 65 yuan (paid for in the day scene area) 20 yuan (night field)
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噼里啪啦On the sun-ravaged summer day, the old father said that it is rare to take a holiday today. The father and daughter had to come to Changtai to find a stream to fish for fish 🐟 See if there are small fish to become a new member of our family fish tank! The old mother sat under the bridge eating fruit, blowing cool breezes and being sleepy.
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Ancient Villages
不羁的爬虫Changtai Farmstay, a leisurely and comfortable weekend, when the rain beats the plantain, the chickens and the birds sing, it is too grounded. Friends meet up for tea and chat, eat local specialties, laugh all the way, and feel the life elsewhere
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300***44I just went last week, I finished climbing the mountain and ate farm dishes, which are more authentic, and the price is not expensive, not bad. The gate is quite spectacular, and I played with glass overpass and glass slide. I heard that sweating can detoxify, so my toxic drainage is a lot [price/performance] [interest] [view]

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Chunfang ParkZhangzhou,China

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Xinmatai Villa (jiamingjiatingnongchang)Zhangzhou,China

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Zhangtai Huaxiangsan Peixun BaseZhangzhou,China

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Tianchengshan Scenic AreaZhangzhou,China

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Changtai Paragliding Experience ClubZhangzhou,China

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Linshi Ancestral HallZhangzhou,China

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Changtai Travel Tips

About Changtai

Changtai is a county-level city in Fujian province close to the city of Zhangzhou. It is famous for the Gushanzhong Scenic Area, which is surrounded by picturesque mountains and is home to ancient villages with traditional culture. In summer there are spectacular fields of flowers that attract large numbers of tourists.

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Changtai Weather

Oct 17, 2021
19 ~ 26
Oct 18, 2021
20 / 29
Oct 19, 2021
22 / 29
Oct 20, 2021
22 / 27
Oct 21, 2021
Light Rain
20 / 25
Oct 22, 2021
20 / 21
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Changtai
Oct 17, 2021 Changtai Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 52%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:07/17:41
Changtai Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: High

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Here are the best places to visit in Changtai, including: Fujian Changtai Tianzhu Mountain Happy World,Changtai Drifting,Ten Miles Blue Mountain
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