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Things To Do in Changyi

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美食旅行家岳妮倪I like visiting the zoo most, you can catch small animals! Changyi Qingshan Xiushui Tourist Resort is very interesting! First of all, this place was originally a quartz mine. Later, according to the terrain, the geological and mining zoo, bird park, car camp, and Sun Island were rebuilt. I especially like the Mining Zoo. You can feed the long-tailed lemurs. The little lemurs are too cute and have soft paws. They are very gentle when they touch you. They are very shy and gentle animals. Another interesting point is that the sightseeing car here uses a Weichai-powered tractor for easy climbing, and the accelerator is one plus. Tickets here are only 50 yuan, and you don’t need to spend any more money to go in and play, and there are discounts for the elderly and children. It takes only 2 hours to drive on weekends, which is very suitable for family outings.
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E39***28It’s a nice place to go. There are lots of attractions including a roller coaster that goes into the water and people are welcoming with foreigners.
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M40***22It''s very beautiful. You can see some old buildings.There are many animals. I think you should go there to have a look.Have a good time!
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lingliziToday, spring is bright, sunshine is just right, the annual pear flower festival opened again. Located in the changyi city Yinma town Shanyang village of Bolu Mountain scenic spot, thousands of acres of pear trees flowering in full bloom, attracted a large number of tourists and citizens, Qingming Festival to take a step here. Manshan is full of pears, people are competing to take pictures of flowers, joy is unparalleled 😄
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阁沙湄岛柏宜斯Yangjiayu Folk Art Grand View Garden has Yangjiayu Kite Museum, New Year Painting Museum, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Guyi and so on, you can learn about the production process of Yangjiayu painting, it is worth to come and see.
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zhou昔昔I thought that this ticket price is a bit expensive. It's too good to buy after visiting. It's very good to go shopping, there are many animals, the scenery is good, you should have a year card, nothing to take your children to play.