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Things To Do in Chayu

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Nature Reserve
enjoyzentCibagou National Nature Reserve, located in the border between China and India on the banks of the Chaga River and Gongritzebuqu, between 1500 and 1700 meters above sea level, is in the primeval forest, dense vegetation, surrounded by snowy mountains, the ecological environment is excellent. There are also kiwi plantations, black sandy loam rich in organic matter, glacier melt water irrigation, organic fertilizer fertilization, natural pollution-free.
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bjbillyjiaoFrom Yunnan to Tibet, take the Bingchacha route, Bingzhongluo, Chavalong, Chagao. The basic road conditions are not good. Chagao is the place that must be repaired generally. Chagao is the end point. When we arrive at Chagao, the road conditions become much better. It is not so bumpy. The town of Chagao is built in the mountains. The Sangqu River passes through it, the place is not big, but the various lifestyles are complete, basically you can complete the supply, the road is broken by a battery car, only then can there be a way
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赵鲲[View] The season is not right. The glaciers are almost gone. It takes about two hours to get back and forth to the water. The whole thing is still good. It's worth a drive to the observation deck. The organization organized a lot of high-headed horses for people's fun activities. If you want to drive in, you can also depend on your personal bargaining power. Anyway, I went up by myself. It is not far away. It is about four kilometers.
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enjoyzentRanwu Lake is located in the southwest corner of Basu County, Chamdo, which is caused by landslides or mudslides blocking the river. There are many similar types in the southeast of Tibet, but it has the unforgettable charm. It is narrow and long, 29 kilometers long, average width less than 1 kilometers, the lake is quiet and clear, not deep, generally not more than 6 meters, the mirror-like lake reflected the distant overlap of snow mountains, the top of the snow will not melt all year round.
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lyn0919At the foot of Midui glacier is a small Tibetan village called Midui Village, only 6 kilometers away from the 318 highway in Sichuan and Tibet, belonging to Bomi County, Nyingchi region. Due to the low altitude, warm and rainy, the surrounding villages are rich forests except for fertile land. In late autumn, the rice heap glacier area, the yellow leaves and the glaciers that fall from the sky, interweave into a beautiful natural scenery, let people eye-catching and long-lasting forgotten.
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acton28An exceptional region of wonderful views and cultural heritage