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世界真美好东东Today, the tour of Alshan 5A National Forest Park was successfully completed and returned to Hailar, the capital of Hulunbuir. The tour of the seven fairy lake and Hailar National Forest Park, visited the World Anti-Fascist War Hailar Memorial Park.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
JJ77The Golden Horde is located on the Mozhgrad River, about 40 kilometers from Hulunbuir City, on the "Water of the First Song in the World". Here is "the sky, wild gold, wind grass see cattle and sheep" Hulunbuir grassland hinterland, is the famous natural pastures, the layout of the Golden Horde Khan attractions, is the Genghis Khan's account of the miniature and reappearance. Now every summer, the yurts of kurt are all around the tribes, where a nomadic tribe is formed. Blue sky and white clouds, clear water, green grass on both sides, cattle and sheep everywhere, distant boudoirs smoke, a thing, a scene, full of rich grassland.
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穿白衬衣的薄荷星My rating: [Stars] [Stars] [Stars] [Stars] [Stars] [Stars] never thought that the river flowing through the warm and filthy people of Inner Mongolia would be so gentle and moving. The summer heat of the heart of grass-planting treasures##Life is not only this side #Mozgerald River, Laoshe's "the first song of water under the world", set in the grassland, twisting like a shy under the warmth of a girl in the south of the Yangtze River. As if in a moment of staring, she dropped her eyes, and turned to another dreamy far away. The sun was on the river, reflecting the sky not stained with the blue of the world. The wind blew, the clouds, the horses, and the dandelions in the wind gently swaying. The little wildflowers dotted the endless grassland, sitting lazily, surrounded by the grass and soil. Not far away can see the white yurt, the wind came from the voice of the horsemen. If you ask me at what moment I fell in love with the prairie, I think it is this moment, in love with such vastness and freedom.
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豆豆滴涵涵Excellent experience, I want the video but the app does not respond after each upload, so there is no way to share two photos ~ In short, it is very great and very exciting, the time is about ten minutes ~ The view is very open!
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中西南北东The mohgrad River (Mohgrad, Mohgrad River, Mohgrad) is a river flowing from the west foot of the daikoan ridge in the chenba tiger flag, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and is called the first song of the world. The river is 319 kilometers long and the watershed area is 4987 square kilometers. It flows from northeast to southwest through the famous Hulunbuir prairie, poured into Huhe Noer lake and then out of the Hailar River, which belongs to the river system of the Erguna River, the border river of China and Russia.
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千云兮When I came to the grassland, I became a Inner Mongolian all day. Before eating meat, my face became fat. The nomadic grassland is beautiful, and there are many Tibetan elements. I especially like the stars in the grassland.

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Heavenly Grassland Nomadic TribeHulunbuir,China

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Baiyinhadacaoyuan Sceneic AreaHulunbuir,China

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Weilisi SquareHulunbuir,China

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Hulieyetu ResortHulunbuir,China

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Huhenuo'er Grassland Tourist AttractionHulunbuir,China

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Mo'ergele RiverHulunbuir,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Chenbaerhuqi, including: World Anti-Fascist War Memorial Hailar,Golden Tent Khan Mongol Tribe,Huhenuo'er Grassland Tourist Attraction
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