Chencang District
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Things To Do in Chencang District

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五斗居If you can arrive within four or five hours, it is recommended to go to the weekend. On the first day, you will arrive in the afternoon. You can go to the hot spring first (it is more convenient to stay at the hot spring hotel), climb the mountain the next morning (about three or four hours to finish), return in the afternoon...happy weekend!
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M13***10The grass just buds when May Day comes, green and yellow dandelions. Now the grass is all green, tall and full of white wildflowers, no matter when you come, the scenery is very good. After coming in from the gate of the scenic spot, you have to take the 20-minute bus and then transfer to the battery car. There are 4 stops in total, you can sit down first, and then go one stop at a time. The fourth station has sika deer and peacock, play grass-skiing, archery in the third station, the second station is mainly to see the performance "three-British battle Lubu" and horseback riding, the first station is campground. Dashuichuan mainly is leisure entertainment, relatively interesting or small. There is a Fengqing Street at the entrance of the scenic spot. After coming down from the parking lot, you have to turn out from the Fengqing Street. It is not big, about 8 minutes.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The Jiujiu Mountain is very famous, and the hot springs here under the birth of this name, more a rare quality, for the group friends who come to consume, a rare effect of skin rubbish.
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扶疏子Diaoyutai, on the Fayu River in Tianwang Town, is where Jiang Taigong lived and fished in seclusion. Jiang Ziya Zuo Zhou destroyed the business. There are many well-known classics in "Historical Records", "Lu Shi Chun Qiu", "Sou Shen Ji" and "Shui Jing Zhu". Famous historical figures Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Dongpo and others all wrote poems to express their feelings.
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_We***01Overall, it is still worth seeing. I took the earliest car at 8 o'clock in the morning (there are around 7:30) to go up the mountain directly to the Hongfengping Zuotianxia Cableway (student ticket 166 round trip) and started climbing from the Tianyuan place at 9:30. It took four hours to climb to the top of the mountain to extract Sendai. The stay in the middle of the Grand Ocean was longer. It took about four hours to climb to the top of the mountain and then go down. In general, time is a bit tight, must catch up before the 6 o'clock to stop the cableway, basically at 1:30 or so to start down the mountain. The scenery at the top of the mountain feels that it is very general that there is no good commuter car in big yehai. The last trip is 7:00. Please be sure to do a sunscreen job when you go up the mountain. If you try to wear a long trousers, I will wear a coat on the mountain this season. It will not be too cold.
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Historical Architecture
Rodger Olivierabsolutely amazing! the history behind this temple is a must see. When you come to Xian travel to Baoji you wont be disspaointed