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Historical Architecture
凹凸曼和小伙伴✈️ Short-distance Travel destination: Modu is 3 hours away from Chengdu, the country of Tianfu, so it is very suitable for short-distance travel destination. ☁️ Holiday travel climate: Chengdu is the same as the Modu, it is also humid and hot, the temperature is not as high as the Modu, but the air is humid and cloudy. 🤳 Tips from the perspective of pure tourists: ▪️ Mainly produce a piece of attraction ➡️ Flower diameter, the path of the red wall with the dense bamboo forest on both sides, it is very easy to produce a piece, but because this attraction is also a popular attraction, so if you want to take a sense of silence, Then you may have to move the time to 9 am. The costumes are also light colors, so you can avoid being too fancy and too busy. Many young sisters are often seen here to take photos of Hanfu, the effect is also excellent. ▫️ Bamboo forest lakeside is also suitable for producing films, especially when summer lotus flowers are waiting to be released, the film is better. Bamboo forest does not pick the seasons, all seasons are appropriate. ▪️ The grass hall back picture of blue flowers must be punched, no explanation. 📖Humanistic perspective: ▪️The current architecture is mainly Ming and Qing dynasties, which is more suitable for electronic explanation. It is very worth to see ➡️Du Shi calligraphy and woodcut gallery, you can find many familiar poems. ▫️ The back of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce's hut scenic spot basically recreates the pastoral scenery of the year. 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼 It is recommended to play time: 1 hour and 30 minutes occupy a large area, basically one circle down, whether it is taking a photo or playing at the attraction, it takes more than an hour. And because the green area is relatively large, summer gardens pay attention to anti-mosquito and insect prevention. In addition, because it is an antique building, there is no snack bar in the park, and drinking water can be prepared. 📍 Dufu Caotang Museum, No. 28 Caotang Road 🚌 Traffic: 19th Road, 35th Road
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何渝[views] Beautiful and fun to take the whole family on a trip
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Historical Site
dsyliangXixia Song Cliff, Longnan, Gansu, has unique natural scenery. From Lanzhou on the expressway, it takes about five hours by car to reach Cheng County in Longnan, Gansu. Xixia Song is located in Yuqiao Gorge, Tianjingshan, Cheng County, Longnan. It is famous for the inscription "Xixia Song". It is one of the "Three Songs" of Chinese Han Li calligraphy. It is the most well-preserved treasure among the ancient cliff rock carvings. The green hills face each other, the stream is clear, one side is the high mountain rising from the ground, and the other is the scattered cliffs. The natural scenery is quiet. Beautiful, sufficient oxygen is a natural oxygen bar.
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Historical Site
Memorial Temple
清风若溪Du Shaoling Ancestral Hall of Cheng County: Also known as Du Gong Ancestral Hall, also known as Du Fu Thatched Cottage, is located at the Feilong Xiakou 3.5 kilometers southeast of Chengxian County, Gansu Province. During the Anshi Rebellion, Du Fu stayed and lived here, and left poems such as "Phoenix Terrace" and "Tonggu Qige".
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何渝It is worth a visit to carry forward the tradition and pay attention to the protection of cultural heritage
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Historical Site
M43***46Xisong Scenic Area is located at the foot of Tianjing Mountain, 13 kilometers west of Chengxian County, in the Yuqiao Gorge. It is a national 4A-level tourist attraction and is a national key cultural relic protection unit. On the cliff cliff, the footsteps of the ancient West narrow path still exist, and there is a monument titled "Xisong Son" by Master Li Keran. "West Song" is one of the three Songs of calligraphy in Han Dynasty, and is the best preserved treasure in ancient cliff stone carvings. The main attractions are: 1. Fish-Qiao Gorge: the mountain, water, stone, trees in the Gorge, all are landscapes; pavilions, bridges, corridors, porch, contrasting into interesting. West Songs in mountains, beauty in water. The sound of water from the two mountains, or the rattle of the valleys, or the rushing of the rocks, the sound of the waves, can be heard from afar. The water on the cliffs, or into a white practicing from the high, or from the top of the plank to form a curtain of pearls, the drops, is spectacular. 2. Longtan reflects the moon: The water potential changes in the fish-trickling gorge, for the waterfall, for the pool, for the pool. The pool is not very wide and clear, the sky clouds shadow, green cherry trees, ancient stacks, all reflected inside. Legend has been the ancient Huanglong from the pool flying out, people called "Huanglong Lake." The Eight Views of Chengxian County "Longtan Ying Moon" is from here. 3. The Tablet of the Ode to the West: There is an ancient building in the Yuqiao Gorge called the Tablet of the Ode to the West, and the Cliff Carvings of the Ode to the West are in it. The Song of the West is a full name of the three Songs of the Han Dynasty calligraphy, the Song of the West is a trilogy of the Han Dynasty, and the Song of the West is a trilogy of the Han Dynasty, and it is commonly called the Huanglong Monument. The prefects' outstanding achievements mainly praised the virtues of the government which he led the people to open the West narrow road and benefit the people. The right side of the inscription in the Song of the West is engraved with the right side of the main text, the image of Huanglong, Jiahe, White Deer, Mulianli and Chengluren, which is called "Wurui Tu of Dianchi Lake". The 9 characters of "East Han Dynasty Cliff Stone Engraved with the Song of the West Scarlet" are engraved on the right side of the cliff. The inscription of the small inscription on the monument was 12 lines, 142 characters, and the style of the regular calligraphy was the same, and it was written by the kogyo Yasu in Cheng County at that time.

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