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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
_We***23The Mountain Resort was the summer retreat for some of the Qing Emporers and it's scale and beauty definitely speaks of power of the Qing at its height. There is the Palace area which is now a museum with an extre fee to enter, however it is probably worth it. The there is the lakes area which are one of the best parts. Artificial islands house pavilions and palaces which are great for walking around and then having a rest in the shade. To the right of the lakes is the plains area showing the manchurian heritage of the Qing dynasty. This area if just grassland, but at the end there are some Mongolian yurts and a tall pagoda. Then there is the mountain area which takes up most of the space of the resort. This area is sometimes closed (late winter and spring), but the tour bus that races around the mountains is definitely worth it. There are many areas in which you can get off, with the highlight probably being the view of the 'mini potala palace' from the wall. Definitely worthy of its designation as a world heritage site, and worth going, despite the rather steep price (at least for Chinese standards).
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我的世外桃源Puning Temple, commonly known as the Great Buddha Temple, is located in Chengde City, Hebei Province, covering an area of about 2.3 million square meters. Its main statue is a thousand-handed thousand-eye Guanyin Bodhisattva, Tonggao 27.21 meters, is a thousand-hand thousand-eye Guanyin Bodhisattva carved in gold lacquer wood. The first half of the temple is Chinese style, with the characteristics of traditional Buddhist temples of Han nationality; The latter half is built for Tibetan-style, imitating the Tibetan Sangcha Temple, two different styles of architecture merge into one. The pattern of the combination of emperor and Buddha is both the grand scale of the golden and magnificent royal temples and the center of the Buddhist holy place "Mandarin Buddha Kingdom".
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National Park
我的世外桃源Saihanba National Forest Park is the largest forest park in north China, located in the Bashang area of Chengde City, Hebei Province, part of the famous "Mulan paddock", one of the royal hunting gardens in the Qing Dynasty. The total area of the forest park is 1.41 million mu, including the forest landscape 106 million mu, the grassland landscape 200,000 mu, the forest cover 75.2%. The whole park plans six major types of landscape, known as "the source of water, the hometown of clouds, the world of flowers, the sea of forests, the paradise of leisure and vacation", with grassland and forest landscape. It belongs to the national first class tourist resource, the national AAAAA class tourist attraction.
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National Park
槟城吴三桂It is summer, and the eyes naturally lock on the cool and pleasant steppes on the Bashang, the nearest steppe to Beijing, known as the "Back Garden of Beijing". Bashang grassland is a large area, which refers to the border between Hebei Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, because of its unique climate and vegetation, which forms a large area of meadow grassland. As far as the tourist area is concerned, the Bashang grassland can be divided into four "Bashang" from west to east, namely Zhangbei Bashang (in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou), Wuyuan Bashang (in Zhangyuan County, Zhangjiakou), Fengning Bashang (in Chengde Fengning County), and Mulan Paddock (also called Weichang Bashang), The best time for the Bashang grassland tour is May to October, when you can see beautiful paintings everywhere: summer, blue sky, white clouds, blue grass like emerald; autumn, Wanshan red, wild fruit fragrance. In fact, winter is also good, everywhere is snowy, Yushu Qionghua, because of the cold and freezing, I still look at the way. This destination chose Mulan paddock and Ulan Butong grassland. Mulan paddock is the four dams of the most beautiful one, is the farthest one. Mulan Paddock was originally from 1681 AD, and Kangxi in Qing Dynasty opened up more than 10,000 square kilometers of hunting grounds in Saihanba area, called "Mulan Paddock". "Mulan" is the Manchu word "send deer" meaning, refers to soldiers blow wooden whistle, imitate deer to lure hunting animals. Since then each autumn the emperor will lead eight flags fine soldiers to hold a hunting activity, history called "Mulan Qiu Xu." By 1863, the three emperors of Kangxi, Qianlong and Jiaqing in Qing Dynasty had held "Mulan Qiuqiu" more than 105 times. Mulan Weichang was recorded in history because of its historical status. Mulan paddock is a vast area. Traditionally, it is composed of Saihanba National Forest Park, Yudaokou Grassland Forest Scenic Area, Korepine National Nature Reserve and Inner Mongolia Ulanbutong Grassland. But because the first three scenic spots in Hebei, and Ulanbutong belongs to Inner Mongolia, because of the division of administrative division, the latter gradually away, there is a tendency to detach from Mulan paddock. In fact, the effective range of Mulan paddock tickets does not include Ulanbutong, and the ticket of Ulanbutong scenic spot is written as "Keshketeng World Geopark and Ulanbutong Park." Because the holidays were too short, we could not all go all over, decided to go to Saihanba, Yudaokou and Ulan Butong three scenic spots, pain to cut the plan to the route of the Korean pine.
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Historical Site
Maria Cam 卡米拉best ever experience of my life. is a little bit hard to hike but the season is much better now
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E29***21the place very awesome i would recommend to all visitors to stay here and enjoy your holidays while staying in this place downtown on walking distance and very easily accasible to all places

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About Chengde

Occupying northeastern Hebei Province, Chengde (承德) is a city with a prominent place in Chinese history and culture. For its magnificent natural scenery, unique charm, and rich culture, Chengde earned the monikers “China's Photography Village” and “Home of Chinese Paper-Cutting.” The art of paper-cutting was handed down as a traditional family craft in the Chengde region and is a heritage art form of the Manchu people. Other famous attractions here are the Chengde Mountain Resort, the Jinshanling (金山岭) section of the Great Wall, the Mulan (木兰) Hunting Paddock, and Qingchui (磬锤) Peak.

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Here are the best places to visit in Chengde, including: Chengde Mountain Resort,Putuo Zongcheng Temple,Mount Wuling
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