Inner Mongolia
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Things To Do in Chifeng

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望京小筑Ulanbutong scenic area is located in the southwestern part of keshketeng banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, once was the Qing Dynasty Royal Mulan paddock district. Ulanbutong is Mongolian, Chinese meaning red danxingshan, refers to the big and small red mountain, is a part of Mulan paddock. The natural tourism resources of Wulanbutong scenic spot are mainly grassland, lake, sandy land, wetland and forest land, and forest flowers and wildlife are the aids, and most of them are well preserved. Humanistic tourism resources are mainly based on Mongolian customs, ancient battlefield sites, and characteristic tourism commodities, and are supported by Mongolian culture, characteristic diet, etc. Ancient Clothes and Modernism of Back to the Pearl, Kangxi Dynasty, Hanwu Emperor
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不丢的vvLiving in the container hotel in the scenic spot is very convenient. You can get up in the morning to take a 4-kilometer walk in the desert. You can take a step back and take a step. It is recommended to eat something again. The elderly and children are careful and very exhausting. Other sand projects are quite fun, riding a camel, playing sands, sand socks to see the personal needs, I rented but not useful, I have to take a little trouble, anyway, the shoes were thrown directly, the clothes can shake out the sand, but it is still very hi
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Geological Sites
方知行A few years ago, photos, autumn scenery, a person want to see stonehenge, drive to see, the grass on the road has yellow. Stonehenge is very big, take the scenic car inside, the tickets seem to be a hundred yuan, there are not many tourists, the wind is very strong, the strange stones, the autumn insects are not happy, you can catch one at will.
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National Park
M12***01We went to several attractions by car. The most worthwhile of them is the Daoxu Valley. Buy the tickets the day before, and arrive at the scenic spot at 7:30 in the morning the next day, the waterway is not sunny and very cool. We walk and play while we are there. Walking and stopping at about 12 noon to the Wukesong Hotel in the scenic spot. After eating lunch on the top, I took the car and went down the mountain. The sightseeing car is worth doing. It is very exciting. The car is driving very fast and cold.
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事事随缘Ulanbutong prairie! The sun gradually set, leaving only strands of golden sunset. The sun shines through the clouds on the earth, looking like an oil painting from a distance, forming a beautiful picture between the sky and the earth. Standing on the top of the mountain, all the sights are in full view. The undulating mountains, the decoration of lone trees, the cover of the birch forest, the wind blowing grass and the cows and sheep are low. All the scenery can no longer be described in any words. The Ulan Butong Grassland is located on the southern edge of the Hunshandake Desert. It faces the Saihanba Forest Farm in Mulanweichang County, Hebei Province at the southernmost tip of Keshiketeng Banner. It is part of the famous ancient royal hunting ground. The Ulan Butong grassland is a typical northern-style grassland combining forest and grassland. It has the elegant and beautiful femininity of the south, and the rugged and masculine masculinity of the north, as well as the beauty of the south and the north. Known to the world because Emperor Kangxi commanded the Qing army to fight against Geldan. This is the beautiful Ulan Butong prairie! See the world as you want😄👍👍👍
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Geological Sites
江水浪花Keshketeng Daqingshan National Geopark is beautiful scenery, stone formation spectacular, picturesque mountains, the world's riddles are more fascinating.