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Things To Do in Chitose

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Amusement Park
彼岸之澄The Doraemon Surprise Skypark at Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport is a place where almost every Doraemon fan must check in. [Recommendation reason] 🐶Doraemon's happy world, amusement park with three themes, amusement park, peripheral product sales shop and theme restaurant. Let the airport wait for more fun and satisfy the "girly heart" of all babies. 【Transportation】🚗Take the airport bus to New Chitose Airport. After arriving at the airport, you can check your luggage first, and then come to the safe Doraemon Surprise Skyland. [Travel tips] Doraemon props that can be seen everywhere can be used to take photos and group photos. Those who like to take photos will definitely feel that the mouse has fallen into the rice tank. 🍝The theme restaurant attached to Doraemon Paradise must be tried. You can definitely find the place of childhood fantasy. Here is the memory toast in Doraemon. I don’t know if I will silently read it instantly after eating it? There is also Doraemon's favorite Dorayaki. The q pattern on Doraemon is also the cute logo of Doraemon. Coffee also has cute Doraemon powdered powder, and overall it is cute and wooden in capitals. [Shopping tips] 💰If you like Doraemon, you can buy and buy with confidence here. Don't worry about the airport price being higher than other places. I bought a limited number of Doraemon socks here, which are very cute.
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M27***74Quiet lake, not too many tourists are disturbed, there are amazing fish at the bottom of the lake. If you go to Hokkaido in summer, you may consider visiting here. The hot spring hotel is very good, but very expensive, the kind of uncapped. . . .
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过年不回家A very interesting shop, can buy chocolate, can watch the process, very unusual experience, next to Doraemon and hello kitty shop, it is worth to visit.
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National Park
Ornamental Hot spring
山形县的天津花嫁Lake Shikotsu is the northernmost ice-free lake in Japan, with a water depth of 363 meters, ranking second in Japan, with a circumference of 40.3 km and an area of 78.8 square kilometers, which is equivalent to the width of the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. The Chitose Lake Shikotsu Ice Wave Festival is held every year, and there is a bus from the gate of New Chitose Airport. There will be some ice sculptures in it, but there is no way to compare with the ice sculptures in Harbin, China. Here are some extremely simple shapes of the spleen, but they still can't stop everyone from going. There is also a pony to ride, very cute, you can buy some carrots to feed it. There is a snack bar at the intersection on the way out and down the mountain. It’s good to eat some skewers and have a hot drink.
Nearby City
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E23***00Visited here countless times during my trip. Highly recommended.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼About 40 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport. The Hakone Ranch in Hokkaido in Chitose City is a historical experience farm! You can experience making cream, milk candies, sausages and trying milking, and you can engage in parachute sliding, snow banana boat and snowmobile winter activities in a silvery white world. It is its charm that you can enjoy the farmhouse leisurely throughout the year . Milk ice cream with an annual sales volume of 20,000 is also a must.

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Chitose Sake Masu no Mori Sake Masu JohokanChitose,Japan

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New Chitose Airport OnsenChitose,Japan

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Shikotsu-Toya National ParkChitose,Japan

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Shikotsuko OnsenChitose,Japan

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Aoba ParkChitose,Japan

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New Chitose AirportChitose,Japan

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About Chitose

Chitose City is a city located in Hokkaido and is the location of the New Chitose Airport. Next to the New Chitose Airport is the largest Outlet in Hokkaido, the Chitose Outlet.

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I recommended Lake Shikotsu, Shikotsu-Toya National Park.
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