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Things To Do in Chizhou

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e23***41☝️ Take the high-speed rail to Jiuhua Mountain. Get off at Chizhou Station and buy a 50 yuan/person transportation ticket at the Tourism Consultation Service Center (free transfer to the tourist service center, time shift see figure 2). When you arrive at the tourist service center, you will go up the mountain on the day of the change and enter the scenic spot. I chose the nearest Julong Hotel from the Zen Temple. Dinner was ordered at the hotel and the guest was given a 10% discount. On the 2nd day, the hotel had a buffet breakfast. Take the shuttle bus to the Huxingshanyu Tiantai Cableway and go to the Tiantai bye 🙏. It is recommended that you go to Shiwangfeng and see the panoramic view of the Tiantai. Get off the roof to take a car to the moon body hall, then from the moon body hall down all the way to Jiuhua Street back to the hotel, along the road can pass several temples. On the 3rd day, the hotel had breakfast. Go to the Zen Temple to worship 🙏, then take the cable car next to the 100-year-old mountain, go to the 100-year-old palace to worship the body of Bodhisattva, the 500-year-old Luohan Hall is spectacular, but the fog did not see the natural lying Buddha on the same day. Going down the centenary mountain, check out with luggage 🧳 (to the flower desk), take the bus to the flower desk ropeway at the entrance of the hotel, take the flower desk high-altitude plank road, enjoy the scenery of the time-wondering and foggy, and take the bus down the flower desk to return to the tourist service center. I found the opposite Jili Boutique Hotel to stay, not expensive and clean, dinner is ordered around, and also bought some Jiuhuashan specialties (Huangjing tea, Huangjing wine, Huangjing zhai, etc.) on the 4th day, sleep until I wake up naturally, and have a breakfast around. Take 15 minutes to walk to the 99 meters of Tibetan Bodhisattva (Dayuan Cultural Park) Bye 🙏, there is a water spray show at 10:30. After lunch, check out and take a free bus to the opposite visitor service center to return to the Chizhou High Speed Rail Station and sit on the Harmonious No. Suggestions: You can't go up the mountain by car on weekends and holidays. Try to buy a 50 yuan transportation ticket at the Chizhou Station Tourism Advisory Service Center (free transfer and tourist service center). Huatai scenic spot needs to be placed at the first or last stop of the trip, otherwise you have to go into the mountain twice and pay for the transportation fee. There are many rain and fog in Jiuhua Mountain, you need to prepare raincoats and rain shoes. Cableway tickets can be booked online, there may be discounts.
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夏吹夏夜风Although the rhino falls is a 4A-level scenic spot, it is not lost to some 5A scenic spots in terms of beauty and scale. The yak fall is the scenic area of the west Huangshan Mountains, so and Huangshan Yamen is just a step away, of course, the scenic area also spans two areas, divided into the stone table yak fall and yak fall, but the most essence of the most beautiful scenery is on the side of the stone table. The area of the rhino falls to 6,700 hectares, compared with the Tianzhu Mountain of 5A is 16 hectares, but the rhino falls is higher than the Tianzhu Mountain, the main peak of the rhino falls 1728 meters, and the Tianzhu Mountain is only 1488 meters. Both places have been, and I personally feel that the scenery of the 4A scenic area is really not bad 5A Scenic Area Tianzhu Mountain. Going into the scenic spot, you need to make a scenic car from the tourist service center to the entrance. You will encounter two intersections at the entrance. You will go straight to the direction of Yanjia Ancient Village, the left is the direction of Longmen Lake. You have seen the scenic guide map and decided to go to the left because the scenery on the left is better. While the straight-forward Quadruple Springs is beautiful, it takes a short walk through a village and I'm going to the left because I'm in a hurry to see the beauty. Walking into the waterfall, I see the distant levee slope, where the rocky beach below becomes smooth and smooth in the long run. Going to the waterfall, the upstream is Longmen Pond, found that the water is so green, but not that kind of water pollution green, this green is clear, the stones and grass at the bottom of the water and the fish swimming in the water is clear, can be compared with the water of Jiuzhaigou, Even more characteristic, if not know in advance here, come over to think that is to come to Jiuzhaigou? At the waterfall there is a stone walk, connecting the other end of Longmen Pond, you can go to the middle and enjoy the panorama of Longmen Pond. On the shore of Longmen Pond there are some big trees, the sun is scattered through the leaves to the ground and water, which is beautiful. Let a few men in the same group also learn that women pose in the tree in the poolside to take pictures. The beautiful place is naturally a long stop, listen to pass the guide said there is a wooden suspension bridge ahead, on the bridge overlooking the stone beach and green pool water below, can not wait to speed up the pace, a few minutes away to the suspension bridge. Connecting two small pavilions, this pavilion is called Zhu Ma Pavilion, below is the stone beach and deep, suspension bridge is not long, estimated to be less than 100 meters of distance, look at the past has a kind of online red suspension bridge feeling, in the two sides of the Qingshan photo, suspension bridge looks very literary and beautiful, attract many people's photo. Going forward, the above attractions are a bit of a walk. Before coming, you are coming to Longmen Lake and Quadrupen Spring Waterfall. But Longmen Lake and Quadrupen Spring are on both sides. Either you go back through the village, or you go ahead, and finally you choose to go forward. Take a look at the other sights and walk slowly for almost an hour until you reach the Quadruple Springs Falls.
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jijuan_888From Shanghai on Saturday morning, in the afternoon to check in nearby, and then walk out here, no tickets are required, just scan the code to register, the tour bus at the door is sent to the big Buddha at 30 yuan, keep the voucher to take the return journey, it is recommended to walk slowly, after a circle, you can go out in the opposite direction. There are several places to remember, which is interesting
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夏吹夏夜风"The return of Huangshan does not look at the oyster, Penglai does not look at the cave."This said "Penglai" is not the myth of the legend in the Bohai Xianshan Qiongge, but is located in the Anhui Province in the Shitai County of a natural formation of a strange karst cave. Penglai Xian Cave in Shitai is a large limestone cave with multi-level, multi-stage and multi-accumulation form. About 4.5 billion years ago, this is a vast ocean, and then the natural cave body that we see today has been formed through the sea and the land. The total length of the cave is more than 3000 meters, the total area is about 20000 square meters, and the four-layer structure of the cave, the middle cave, the underground cave and the underground river is divided into four layers. Penglai Xiandong is located in Du village, Gongxi Township, Shitai County, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, 9 kilometers away from Shitai County. The blue sky and white clouds outside the cave, green mountains and green water, the landscape inside the cave is strange, magnificent, into the cave as if standing in a huge air conditioning outlet, the summer feeling is all gone, cool to the heart. The cave has a welcome hall, the promenade, the East China Sea, the Long Palace, the Tongming Palace, the Mixian Palace, the Yuyin Palace, the Galaxy promenade, the Dianchi Lake, the South China Sea, Chaoyin Hall, the living room and so on more than 10 attractions, grand and beautiful, wonderful. The stalactites of different shapes, 9 meters tall "falling bell" of the huge stalactites, and the continuous underground river, in the colorful lighting, the beautiful stalactites reflected the colorful colors, if people like things, wonderful, let people endless imagination.
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_We***80⛰️ Feel the natural landscape and breathe the forest oxygen bar 😘༄ Jiuhua Tianchi, Dwarf Tribe, a little interesting, with parents, with loved ones, with beautiful scenery, with food, with dog treasure, stable world, thank you.
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E14***91The rain is in the Qingming season. On the way, pedestrians want to die. I know where the restaurant is, the shepherd boy refers to the apricot village. Because of this poem, I came to this scenic spot. It is not a worthwhile trip. The scenic spot is not big, but both the humanities and the scenery have achieved the perfect unity, the price is not expensive, it is worth a visit.

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About Chizhou

Chizhou is a prefecture-level city in the southwest of Anhui province, just south of the Yangzte River. It is an ideal holiday destination, offering beautiful scenery and a large number of historical attractions. They include Mount Jiuhua, one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism, which is home to around 100 temples and 1000 monks and nuns. Chizhou is also situated next to Guniujiang Nature Reserve, which contains many species of plants and animals and is often referred to as Eastern China's 'gene pool'. Shengjin Lake is another popular attraction, known for its crystal-clear water. The lake is one of Asia's most important wetland habitats.

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Here are the best places to visit in Chizhou, including: Jiuhua Mountain,Shitai Guniu Peak,Penglai Celestial Cave
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