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Things To Do in Chongzuo

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E27***44amazing waterfall and park! we went early in the morning and avoided crowds. very enjoyable walk and scenery . high recommended!
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E35***53A nondescript building but my room was fine - comfortable, working hot shower, clean linens and towels. Moreover, guests despite staying in this budget hotel have free entry to the Resort/Park Scenic Zone and great breakfast at the big restaurant. The check-in is at the next door Art Hotel - all belonging to the same group.
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Theme Park
mjl***17In the Spring Festival, in addition to a few items of maintenance, 80% of the amusement facilities are open, there are not too many people, you can play in line, and you are very happy. The lack of beauty is that the time for playing the amusement facilities is relatively short, but it is worth it to finish the amusement park and the movie. Return ticket price.
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_CF***98Not bad, I am amazed that the wisdom of the ancients and the clever craftsman have been taking the boat for too long! The air conditioning on the boat is not good... Hot. The tourist service center is not easy to find, I thought it was wrong, the navigation should guide the parking lot, otherwise there are other pheasants shops along the way.
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134***00The eight major leaning towers in the world, in order to break evil and town demons and build in the middle of the river, very dominant, although the slope park is not big, but the environment is very good, the New Year, although in the peak season, but not like other scenic spots, people can enjoy a quiet.
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西门吹雪2The Friendship Pass is located in Pingxiang City, Guangxi, one of the ten famous Passes in Chinese history, and is the only Pass that still plays the role of customs clearance. The end of National Highway 322 passes through the Gate of Friendship Pass and is connected to the Vietnamese Highway. Friendship Pass is the biggest and most important barrier on the border between China and Vietnam. The high mountains on both sides stand, the situation is steep, the pass is stuck in the canyon passage, the friendship pass three words by the handwriting by marshal chen yi.

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Zuojiang Sceneic AreaChongzuo,China

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Nonggang National Natural ReserveChongzuo,China

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Binjiang Leisure SquareChongzuo,China

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Xinguangzhengjue TempleChongzuo,China

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Shizi Mountain Forest ParkChongzuo,China

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Jinlong ReservoirChongzuo,China

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Natural Landscapes
Hukou Waterfall: a thousand miles of Yellow River poured from a teapot # Few in the world have seen the golden waterfall # Hukou Waterfall, located in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province. It is a national scenic spot with 4A rating. The upstream width area of the Yellow River is 300 meters, but within a distance of less than 500 meters of the waterfall, it is compressed to a width of 20-30 meters. The river pours 1000 cubic meters per second from a steep cliff that is more than 20 meters high, hence forming "a thousand miles of Yellow River poured from a teapot." Every summer, owing to changes in the flow of water above the mouth of the teapot, everyone can see the wonderful sight of multiple waterfalls.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 25, 2019

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About Chongzuo

Chongzuo City is located in southwest Guangxi, backed against China’s expansive southwest region and bordering Vietnam. Chongzuo has been inhabited by the Zhuang people since ancient times. Chongzuo has an ancient geological structure with a complex, primarily karst, topography. The unique topography has created a rich variety of natural scenic sights in Chongzuo. Some of Chongzuo's famous sights include the Detian Transnational Waterfall, the natural rockscape of the Chongzuo Stone Forest, the Guilong Leaning Tower (one of the eight major leaning towers of the world), and the Friendship Pass between China and Vietnam in Pingxiang (one of the nine famous passes of China).

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Here are the best places to visit in Chongzuo, including: Detian Transnational Waterfall Scenic Area,Mingshi Scenic Area,Long Gu Wan Dinosaur Park
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