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Botanical Garden
E34***49if you love gardening, trees, flowers and taking photos, that the place you must go. avoid peak season , peak hours, then you may avoid a lot of tourists. parking is available. Japanese garden is the best among all others. coffee shop is available you may bring your own food for a Pinic too a good experience
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Kevin PicholoThe Tasman Bridge spans over the Derwent River, connecting Hobart to its eastern shore where other 30% lived.
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陌染MMTraveling to Australia, this stop came to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. The town of Richmond is one of the oldest towns. The Richmond Stone Bridge is an arch bridge located in the town of Richmond. It is the oldest bridge still in use in Australia. The bridge was built by prison laborers and was completed in 1825. It was originally named Big Bridge, named after Royal Commissioner John Big. The raw material of the Richmond Bridge is sandstone from the Butchers Hill Quarry, which is transported to the construction site by the prisoners on a trolley. The bridge has four large arches and two small arches, all designed according to the characteristics of the water flow.
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Observation Deck
Tamimits just an awesome place to make you refresh. don't forget to bring your dslr!
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Historical Architecture
Jolee PinkIt's great to know that even though Cascade is owned by the largest beer conglomerate in Australia, Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), they still practice traditional brewing methods to produce a quality product. There’s a lovely garden adjacent to the modern tasting room and the juxtaposition between the original factory established in 1824 and the modern wing is quite striking.
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pxy0705Sandy Bay in Hobart is a very beautiful bay. This bay has a very long and soft sandy beach. The surrounding scenery is really beautiful. Many tourists will come here to enjoy the sunny beaches here. It is very comfortable and enjoyable.
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