Columbia-Shuswap A
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Things To Do in Columbia-Shuswap A

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Tree-LiJade Lake is located in the salt lake mining area of the former Dachaidan chemical factory in Haixi, Qinghai Province. The lake is named after its clear blue in the sun, such as jade. It is still a virgin scenic spot that has not yet been developed. The color of the emerald lake is different from the mineral concentration and weather condition.
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National Park
juki235Yoho National Park is a must pass from the United States to Canada. It is the most scenic place in the Canadian Rockies. There are the tall and majestic Burgess Peak, the crystal-clear Emerald Lake, and the majestic Takakwa Waterfall, all of which make you feel the magic and beauty of nature, making you feel as if you are immersed in a fairyland.
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Outdoor skiing
wangjue888The area of this ski resort is simply amazing. There are also many ski trails. It is suitable for all kinds of people. It is really good. Friends with plenty of time are recommended to visit here.
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怀揣全书The kicking Horse River Valley is one of the three major landscapes in Yoho National Park in Canada. The other two are Emerald Lake and Takakao Falls. Kicking Horse River Canyon is famous for its natural stone bridge formed by the impact of water. And because of the turbulent currents, the water is whitish, known as white drifting. There are not many tourists here, and the scenery is relatively simple. If you don't play rafting, fifteen minutes is enough.
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National Park
西溪老翁The Spiral Tunnel is a famous railway tunnel in the Canadian Western Pacific Railway that passes through the Rocky Mountains. Because this section of the mountain height leads to too much drop, the tunnel is rotated around the mountain to reduce the slope, (similar to China’s Juyongguan Zhan Tianyou" "The role of the road), you can see that the locomotive is in the upper cave and the rear of the car is in the lower cave. The 8-shaped Spiral Tunnel is one of the most critical sections of the Canadian Pacific Railway's vast project construction. It is also saturated with the blood and sweat of countless Chinese railway workers. Nowadays, trains still pass through the tunnel regularly every day, and many tourists stop and watch.
Nearby City
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九月的早晨The Jasper National Park ice sheet is part of the Columbian Ice Sheet's edge, and is also the old ice sheet area that ordinary people can access, so it's a pleasure to visit! Seemingly common ice under there are many cracks, walking casually is very dangerous, life-threatening accidents, so we are careful to follow the instructions of the leader to open up the route. The pale blue reflection of the ice sheet is beautiful, melting snow water forms a stream