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Things To Do in Dalateqi

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愤怒的石榴AWell worth the visit. I bought a 280 yuan Yuesha Island package ticket to experience the ropeway, amphibious car, small train, water riding in the desert, camel riding, rapids adventure. Very happy
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天鹅湖的青蛙In 1776, the Hun gold crown was found here. There are also a lot of small bronzes, similar to those in the South Russian grasslands. Most of them are now in the Swedish Museum Oriental.
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Ancient Settlement
精光葫芦娃The original name was "Daqi Zhaojun Tomb Tourist Reception Station." In 33 BC, when Wang Zhaojun married the Huns and Hu Han and married the Huns, he passed through here and built a palace. Now it is the key protection unit of Ordos cultural relics. Transformed in July 2001 and is now a private enterprise. The address of the city, belonging to the village on the bank of Zhaojunfen, Daqi, is across the river from Baogang, an important steel base in the country. It is also the only place for tourist teams from Baotou City and Hohhot to go to the desert oasis Engebe. superior. The current business scope in the city includes: tourism, catering, accommodation, water entertainment, horse riding, shooting, etc. There are 19 employees and an annual reception capacity of 100,000 people. It officially opened in July 2002, and construction while operating.
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愤怒的石榴AFortunately, I encountered good weather, the Xiangsha Bay under the blue sky and white clouds is more beautiful. I bought a 280 yuan package to go to Yuesha Island, and reduced a little summer in the water. So much fun, Xiangsha Bay is a good attraction worth going to.
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Water Park
精光葫芦娃The predecessor of Wantong Eco-Tourism Area was the Wantong Modern Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Demonstration Park in Ordos City. It is located on the bank of the beautiful Dongliugou River in Hailesu Village, Bainijing Town, Dalate Banner. In recent years, Wantong Tourism Resort and Wantong Modern Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Park have been successively built. The most representative of which is Wantong Hot Spring Water World. In the tourist area, there are plantation parks, breeding parks, traditional agricultural and animal husbandry culture photo exhibition area, science and technology training living area, facility agriculture area, leisure resort area, agricultural machinery service area, and seven demonstration functional areas, planting high-quality corn, vegetables for Hong Kong, Export flowers and so on. There are also agricultural exhibition halls, artificial lakes, leisure fitness halls, aerial sightseeing restaurants, greenhouse fishing halls, swimming pools, basketball courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, hot spring water world, etc., for the development of sightseeing agriculture and animal husbandry, leisure tourism and vacation. Created very good conditions. Here, tourists can experience farm picking, learn about farming knowledge, watch rare plants, and go to the water world to relax when they are tired.
Nearby City
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Military Site
arshyb1The place has a lot of guns and machinery. you can take pictures with the planes and tanks. it’s really interesting to see. the cost is very cheap to enter as well.