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1,115 Reviews
Livinia Debbie After hiking the steep mountain for 3hrs with my fellow country mates we finally reached the top and walked on the glass bridge .Was such a great experience. Even though I fear heights I’m proud of myself to face my fear and make it to the mountain peak . The Scenery was breathtakingly beautiful
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_We***82The scenery is beautiful, the sky is blue and the clouds are white. Tickets for 11 holidays are 120 yuan, and booking on the Internet is 110 yuan in advance. Parking fee is 10 yuan for foreign license plate, local license plate is free. You go into the scenic spot and pass the red roof villa group first, then you arrive at the scenic gate. Purchased 40 yuan to Xiaoyuefeng round-trip ticket 40 yuan, is the same price. Xiaoyuefeng refers to a go, the model is very chic, the stones are stacked together, climbing up and down for about 20 minutes, the original car returns. The driver is very good, because we have to climb the Lotus Peak, and sent us to the side of the road behind the Lotus Peak. We walked more than 20 tranches of the mountain road to the Guanyin Sky Bridge, and then climbed directly from here to the Lotus Peak. The main peak of Lotus Peak is fun and a little adventure, and you can climb into the belly of the mountain, which is fun and interesting. After that, you go straight into the black bear cave, black, narrow, high, climb the height of 3.4 floors to pass through it is interesting, you need to accompany, or you are really a little afraid of the dark. Because the climb is fun, you forget to be tired. Then we found out that we and the big army went the opposite way, down and down the road to the glass path, the green leaves in the mountains, the breeze blowing. Because there is no glass path in the opposite direction, and the glass slide down 30 yuan directly. It quickly reaches the platform under the overpass. The slide is really not fun. After that, I bought some snacks at the platform and went back to the door along the hydrophilic path! From 8:30 in the morning to more than 2 pm. Winter is hoping to have a chance to ski again.
1,126 Reviews
Historical Site
_We***44Went there on a rainy there.It's a pretty nice part of the Great Wall, even though it was during Golden Week it was not too crowded. And you can see the Yalu River Wetlands and you can get a glimpse of North Korea. I am a passionated hiker so for me it wasn't hard to climb. There are a lot of stairs. If you are more the adventurer don't go back by bus, you can climb/hike along the Hushan mountain, very close to the river. That was really nice. At the end locals are selling yummy food.Definitley nice there, I was there for about 2. 5 hours.
170 Reviews
小QThe red leaves of Pushi River have vividly interpreted the autumn in the north. After cooling down last night and after the autumn frost, the first sunny sun shone on the valley this morning, the red, yellow and green colors are full of colors, the forests are all dyed, and the colorful leaves of the mountains are like walking into a beautiful autumn scene. PS: Tickets are 80, Ctrip booked 68. Gate-Dashihu Scenic Car One-way 15-way walk from Dashihu to the gate 5 kilometers along the Fenglin plank road, colorful. Current Red Leaf Index: 90%
204 Reviews
288***16Qingshan Valley has 36 large and small waterfalls, "Feiyun Waterfall" fall 81 meters, the top of the northeast, Qingshan Valley has "West has Jiuzhaigou, East has Qingshan Valley" praise. Water Xiushan Qing, is the perfect landscape type natural scenic spot. Both the northern mountains and rivers of the magnificent, but also the southern landscapes of the beautiful and fresh.
589 Reviews
Boat Tour
ChenhutamuThe cruise on the Yalu River, the dock is on the edge of the broken bridge. By boat, you can see the North Korean side farther from the Yalu River, which is closer and clearer than watching on the shore. The boat ticket is not expensive, it is very crowded on holidays.

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Dandong Travel Tips

About Dandong

Dandong City in Liaoning is a famous city on China's northeastern border. The Democratic Republic of DPRK is its neighbor to the east. This is an important port for trade between China and DPRK as well as the bridge for travel between China and DPRK. This is the eastern terminus of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall. Many brave martyrs left their imprint here during the Korean War. When you come to Dandong, you absolutely shouldn't miss the Bakjak Fortress (Great Wall at Hushan) or the Yalu River. To climb atop the Ming Dynasty Great Wall or walk to the end of the Yalu River Broken Bridge, which once connected Dandong to the DPRKn city of Sinujiu, are both sightseeing opportunities and a chance to learn more about recent history.

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Oct 28, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dandong
Oct 28, 2021 Dandong Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 60%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:06/16:46
Dandong Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Dandong, including: Kuandian Tianqiaogou National Forest Park,Phoenix Mountain,Hushan Scenic Spot
You could try Yalu River Broken Bridge,Yalu River Zhongchao River Cruise,Jinjiang Mountain Park,Zongyu·Jintang Water World,Hekou Broken Bridge in Dandong
I recommended Yalu River Scenic Area, Tianhuashan, Dalu Island, Wulong Mountain, Moon Island.
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