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Things To Do in Danfeng

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Ancient Settlement
XC_zclAs a thousand-year old town, Dihua Ancient Town is very representative. First of all, as an AAAA scenic spot, exemption of tickets is a bold and heart-warming important measure that can attract tourists. Scenic Spots [Scenery] [Cost-effective] Because of the Song and Jin cession of land compensation, it is very meaningful as a border city, and the humanities are tempered, celebrities are rushing to come, Li Bai, Bai Juyi and others have stayed here many times, leaving a wealth of poems, and, As one of the representative figures of contemporary writers in Shaanxi Province, Jia Pingwa’s hometown had a profound influence on him, and he created masterpieces such as "Qin Ching".
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Cultural Experiencial Area
扶疏子The Shangyu Ancient Road was opened at the end of the Shang Dynasty and the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty. It is also known as "Wuguan Road", "Shangshan Road" and "Shangzhou Road". It started from Shangluo City in Shaanxi Province to Qiyu Town, Neixiang County, Henan Province. In the ancient 600 li, it basically coincides with the 312 national highway that passes through. The ancient road is composed of Danshui (Danjiang) waterway and Guomai Qinling dry road, passing through 17 city post stations and the area (including 13 post stations in Shangluo).
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冰山来客99The beautiful Fengguan Mountain, I dream of returning to my haunting hometown... The cockscomb is not a false name, and it looks like a ridge and a peak. In the spring rain, thousands of trees are green, and Liri rises to become red. One is climbing to see the scenery, the second is going to the cave for immortality, and the third is rock climbing. According to the "Zhili Shangzhou General Records", Zhang Ziyang, the "first ancestor of Taoism Southern School" in the Northern Song Dynasty, became a fairy in the Jiguanshan Cave. Later generations, based on Zhang Ziyang's "Three Religions in One" thought, created a series of fairy tales that the folks would love to see, and presented magical and moving stories to the world. Guanshan twelve holes, the caves have gods.
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扶疏子Shangluo is located in the hinterland of the Qinling Mountains. It is known as "Eight Mountains, One River and One Field". "Qinling is the most beautiful in Shangluo" is the most classic tourism slogan after "Guilin's landscape is the best in the world", "There is paradise, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou". It has refreshed the world and saw Shangluo with admiration. Shanluoshui is pushed to the whole country and the world.
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Flower Fields
曹 操It is very close to the ancient town of Shangluo, two places can be spent in one day. Because it is Peach Blossom Valley, It’s actually Taohua Mountain, A ring lane is rounded up and down, The red, red, pink, white and white all over the mountains and plains are coming, It's the best time for peach blossoms. There are special parking spaces on the roadside, which is very convenient. Stop the car when you reach an attraction, Step into the peach blossom forest and get close to nature.
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l大苹果With the recovery of traffic, the number of receptions is increasing

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Longtaiguan TempleShangluo,China

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Shangyu Gudao Dihua Culture Tourism AreaShangluo,China

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Zhulinguan Taohuagu Sceneic AreaShangluo,China

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Di Flower TownShangluo,China

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Shangluo Longtan WaterfallsShangluo,China

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Qingling Mountains of ShangluoShangluo,China

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