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437 Reviews
Memorial Hall
whyeveI think it is a very very educational pavilion. It is very good to take children to visit, and adults are deeply moved to see it. Must inherit the spirit of the Iron Man, work hard and strive to build Daqing better.
209 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
xuejlBeiguo Hot Spring Health Recreation Base (Plaza) is a scenic spot featuring hot spring tourism in Lindian County, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. Lindian County is known as the "Hometown of Hot Springs in China" by the China Mining Federation and the World Hot Spring Health Conference Organizing Committee. And "World Hot Spring Health Base". In 2011, it was named China's top ten hot springs.
141 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
Outdoor skiing
xuejlDaqing Lianhuan Lake Hot Spring Scenic Spot is a hot spring resort invested and constructed in accordance with AAAAA standards. It is the only Mongolian medicine bathing base established by the Mongolian Medicine Academic Committee of Heilongjiang Province. It is recognized as the "Best International Leisure Ecotourism Scenic Spot" by the International Leisure Industry Association. It is located on the bank of a vast chain of lakes, surrounded by 18 interconnected lakes, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
121 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
M36***56Arrived at 10 am, played until the store is closed, the child particularly likes to play in the water, there are large swimming rings, 18, hungry at noon there is a box lunch, there are also cold drinks and roasted sausages, playing things are not many, fortunately there is no need to queue, play, you can play many times, It is better to queue for half an hour for more than other attractions, and overall satisfaction!
263 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
DreamInnPhotoLindian Happy Valley Hot Spring Eco Boutique Hotel is the first hot spring ecological hotel in the county. The building exterior is mainly in Hui style architecture (Dali Bai folk houses are also improved models of Hui style architecture), with elegant Jiangnan landscape gardens. And the star configuration creates an elegant and chic leisure harbor. It includes VIP clubs, theaters, top gyms, tea rooms, coffee shops and other functions. There is a large underground parking lot on the basement floor. That night we stayed in a two-bedroom and one-living suite in a single-family villa, and all the indoor showers were hot spring water. The hotel breakfast "delivery to your door" the next day was really intimate and comfortable!
191 Reviews
Nature Reserve
National Park
D33***89It's a beautiful place to send your time with family and friends. Nice views and beautiful landscapes. Definitely, it's worth to visit.

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Dashulin FarmDaqing,China

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Lindian Hot Springs Happy Valley Scenic AreaDaqing,China

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Taoqi'e Amusement ParkDaqing,China

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Wuxing Hot Spring Tourism ResortDaqing,China

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Jiudaogou Wetland Hot Spring Tourism ResortDaqing,China

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Chengfenghu Ecological GardenDaqing,China

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Daqing Travel Tips

About Daqing

Daqing, located in the Songnen Plain of Northern China, is the most mesmerizing sand elm wetland in China. Daqing has the most famous oil field in China, Daqing Oilfield. Daqing City has a vast area of ​​reed marshes. May to September is the main tourist season of Daqing. Grassland, flowers, lakes and fresh fish welcome tourists from the north, south and overseas to Daqing.

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Daqing Weather

Oct 27, 2021
0 ~ 13
Oct 28, 2021
2 / 13
Oct 29, 2021
4 / 14
Oct 30, 2021
Light Rain
-3 / 9
Oct 31, 2021
-4 / 7
Nov 1, 2021
-3 / 8
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Daqing
Oct 27, 2021 Daqing Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 35%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:13/16:33
Daqing Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Daqing, including: Beiguo Hot Spring (Daqing),Art Estate Hot Spring Resort,Lianhuan Lake International Hot Spring Resort in Heilongjiang Province
You could try Iron Man Wangjinxi Memorial,Daqing Museum,Art Estate Hot Spring Resort,Daqing Children's Park,Daqing Times Square in Daqing
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