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68 Reviews
蓝莓奶油冻Today, I started from Deg and arrived at Danba. The beauty of Deg Inscription Institute, New Road Sea, Queershan Snow Mountain, Kasa Lake, and Western Sichuan is no worse than that of Tibet. Especially in the 317 Deg section, the scenery is beautiful, the road is good, the car is less, it is recommended to go and walk, even if you do not enter Tibet is also worth it.
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风中苇舞The Yulong Lacuo scenic spot in Dege County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province is scenic, but there is no ticket fee of 30 yuan per person and no supporting facilities, no road construction amount of scenic spot without guide map, no sign guide card, no public toilet, etc.
8 Reviews
CD云上Dege Dege County is located in the northwest of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, adjacent to Ganzi County to the east, Baiyu County to the south, Jiangda County to the west across the Jinsha River, and Shiqu County to the north. It is located on the Jinsha River and Yalong The upper reaches of the river. It is the last county seat in the Sichuan section of Sichuan-Tibet National Highway 317. Dege Sutra Printing House Dege Sutra Printing House is known as "Encyclopedia of Tibetan Culture", "Bright Cultural Pearl of Tibetan Areas", and "Treasure House Under Snow Mountain". It is under the jurisdiction of Dege Gengqing Temple, which is the information center for importing and exporting Tibetan culture. The endless stream of believers in the Printing House attracts an endless stream of worshippers every day, and they turn clockwise around the Printing House. After the transfer, I will sit in the open space in front of the yard to bask in the sun and talk about the housework! The time for printing scriptures in Dege Printing Institute is only half a year, from March 15 to September 20 of the Tibetan calendar. During this period, people can visit and worship in the courtyard, which is called "Balchadon". Dege became the birthplace of Kham's standard Tibetan language, which is not unrelated to the rich cultural accumulation of the Printing Institute. Behind the Gengqing Temple Printing House is Gengqing Temple, which is the main monastery of the Sakya Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in Kham. A grand chanting ceremony is held here every morning! Location: No. 17, Wenhua Street, Gengqing Town, Dege County. Accommodation guide: Living in Dege County can be reached on foot or by taxi from the county seat.
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CD云上The name of Manigango is magical, this time is the second visit after many years, compared with the last time, really want to feel the magic of the infrastructure monster, is now a clean, tidy art town.
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滇国剑客The area of the 85,000 hectares of Assu grassland is a vast and unspoiled area. The scenery is beautiful, and the cattle and sheep live in a beautiful environment.
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Nature Reserve
滇国剑客This area advantage called Kasongdu Nature Ecotourism Area obviously increases the interest of tourists, because more than a dozen different forest thickness of the original forest, in the reform of the ecological environment, so that visitors pay more attention to environmental protection.

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XiangBaLa BuXingJieGanzizhou,China

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Zongsa TempleGanzizhou,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Dege, including: Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House,Xinlu Hai,Gengqing Temple
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