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晓憩枫林Beautiful and quiet Deling Hakrouk Lake, in the northeast of Qaidam Basin, the capital of the Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi, about 50 kilometers to the roadside of Dachaidan. Because of the easy itinerary of the Qinghai Ring Line, there is time to temporarily visit the attractions. Tickets for 20 yuan, not far into the scenic spot is this punching point, light and easy to press a few shutters... (The white seabirds on the lake are waiting for the tourists to feed, almost can be caught by hand, the masters who like to shoot birds don't miss it, but I brought 16-35 ultra-wide lens) #Dream Ha##Keluk Lake##Blue sky #White clouds##Blue sky ##Background ##Net red punching ##Net red photo spot ##Qinghai##Qinghai Keluk Lake##Lake ##Dream hake lake##Scenic scenery##Exit #Travel##Travel##Travel##Travel##Nature scenery# Qinghai Tourism # Qinghai Travel #
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300***95Passing through Delingha, next to the hotel is the Bayin River, which is very beautiful. This is the first time I saw the pink green river in the city, as the color of the milk lake in New Zealand. The river is beautiful, the landscape is clean, it is really very good, the friends who come to Delingha must not miss it!
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紅氿Krok Lake and the water of the lake, a light and salt water, known as "Penghu." The lake bird island, the lake gourd, its water is clear, there are fish. The environment is very good. It is not easy to drive.
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138***16Highly recommended, it's much better than Koluk Lake, and it's free for fewer people (currently). I originally planned to see Koluk and Tuosu Lake, but when I arrived at the scenic spot, there were only a few places, but Tuosu couldn't go, saying that there was no way for the water level to rise.
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M45***69worth 1 The small flowers in the mountains and plains are different from the barren deserts along the way, adjusting the aesthetics. 2It is very close to the city, about ten kilometers, less than half an hour by car. 3. Free I have a Delingha plot and stayed here for three days. The locals (the conductor at the bus station, the hotel owner, and the taxi driver) strongly recommend it. You know I wanted to go to Lake Tosu, but they all said that it was a lake. I thought to myself that I have seen Qinghai Lake and Chaka anyway. I plan to see Emerald Lake in a few days, so I didn’t go to see it. I turned to Cypress Mountain. The first attraction is to look at Delingha and Bayin. The viewing platform with a panoramic view of the river should look better on a sunny day. The more you enter the mountains, the more pleasant it will be. It is really lovely and beautiful.
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做一只自由自在的飞鸟Keke Salt Lake, meaning cyan salt lake in Mongolian. It is located in the small basin under Yak Mountain in Wulan County, Qinghai Province. Salt Lake is not very famous, and very few people come to see it.

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Delingha ShangYe BuXingJieHaixizhou,China

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Qingnianlin ParkHaixizhou,China

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Kelukehu Tourism AreaHaixizhou,China

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Gahai LakeHaixizhou,China

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Baigong MountainHaixizhou,China

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Qinghua SquareHaixizhou,China

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Delingha Travel Tips

About Delingha

Delingha City was founded in 1988. The city is the capital of the Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is home to 19 ethnicities including Mongolian, Tibetan, Hui, Salar, Tujia, and Han. Mongolians are the main ethnic minority in the area. The area is rich in seafood such as grass carp, common carp, crabs, and shrimp. Tourist attractions in the region include Baishu Mountain, Heishi Mountain Dam (黑石山水库), the “alien ruins,” the Huaitou Tala Cliff Paintings (怀头他拉岩画), and Dalian Lake (褡裢湖).

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Delingha
Oct 26, 2021 Delingha Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 42%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:48/18:40
Delingha Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Delingha, including: Kelukehu Tourism Area,Alien Ruins,Bayin River
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