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Things To Do in Dexing

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老头OnlineThe first scenic spot in Dexing (Sanqing Mountain, Wuyuan is not Deqing), the ticket is very cheap, but you must drive or charter to go there. After you get the ticket at the visitor center, there are more than 10 kilometers of mountain roads away from the mountain. There is no scenic spot in this section It’s the same when the vehicle is sitting down. It is very passive to talk about the price temporarily, so it is strongly recommended that you have your own car to drive up. There is a parking lot upstairs. After you get down, you can walk. You can also take a sightseeing car for 20 yuan per person. You can sit in the scenic spot. At present, only part of it has been developed, such as the Fairy Lake, Dianjiangtai, Guanyin Waterfall, and so on. At present, I can only hike up the steps (the cable car is under construction), and it will take about two hours each (giving up and not going...). The air scenery in the scenic area is very good, and the water is particularly clean. I still have to go to Dexing, which is pretty good.
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68848I love San Qing shan! I’ve been twice. It’s less crowded than nearby Huang shan and beautiful! I suggest taking a cable car because it’ll give you more time on the mountain. I still haven’t seen everything.
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莺语花儿Jiangxi Shangrao Wuyuan Raoheyuan, Likeng Village, Moon Bay Wolong Valley tour. Comparatively comfortable, suitable for men and women, old and young leisure tour. Wuyuan tour must be self-driving, otherwise the traffic is not very convenient. Go to Wuyuan in early May, there are not many people in the scenic spots and the scenery is pleasant. Especially, the jiangling wanmu terraces stacked, there are the magnificent, magnificent, terraces under the hills and tiles of the white wall gray tiles against the background of the house.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
DIANAZIt is good to visit it in jingdezheng. To get a better understanding of jingdezheng
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Geological Sites
世界美食游走达人Hongyuan Fairyland] Hongyan fairyland hole stone stalactites everywhere, there are crisscross, crystal beautiful, beautiful, thousand appearances, ghost axes. Caves are known as the four absolute "Nine-day waterfall, shock, fairy land, water sky."
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Ancient Settlement
DameDKWhat a beautiful place. Naturally if you are there with a big crowd, you would feel annoyed with all the models and choreographers wannabe’s. if you are able to avoid crowds like we did, then this place offers beautiful Hui architecture, placed at interesting angles on the side of the hill. You can trek in nearby plains and hills. There are various Chinese restaurants selling local food, ice cream bars, and even coffee. There are sufficient toilets which are clean in the area. A must see!