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Things To Do in Dingzhou

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Ancient Pagoda
Historical Architecture
chaojileThe Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda in Dingxian County is an octagonal pavilion (the pagoda was built before the Yuan and Song Dynasties in the form of four squares), with strict structure and fine construction, which is a high ancient brick pagoda in China. The tower is a Buddhist pagoda which integrates architecture, buddhist culture and calligraphy and painting art, and occupies an important position in the ancient architectural history of our country.
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Historical Architecture
yjw2000Dingzhou Gongyuan, also known as the Gaopeng, is located in the north of Hebei City, the grassland Hutong No. 22, the preservation of the ancient society in northern China selected talents and Gongsheng test room. Qing Qianlong 3 years (1738), by the king of the state of the Dingzhou Gongyuan founded by the year. Dingzhou Gongyuan is located north to south, the middle axis layout, the plane is square, the floor 22150.7 square meters, the building area 1547.6 square meters. The main building is composed of two groups of buildings, the number house and the Kuige. Dingzhou Gongyuan not only embodies the characteristics of Qing Dynasty architecture, but also has the flexibility of local architecture, and is the material material of studying the Qing Dynasty local architecture art and examination system of imperial examination.
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Water Park
M23***18In fact, it's okay. The fare is cheap, and the contents are not expensive. We went to Beijing Water Park to play similarly. The fare was 230, 50 yuan for a rice, and 8 yuan for mineral water. Price, this is fine.
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Ancient Settlement
兰霞Although it is a new ancient city, it is also beautiful. Not only is the building beautiful, but the supporting facilities are very good, there are a lot of chairs and leisure sports equipment, the greening is also very good, the fountain design is very good, the overall feeling is very large. Utilization rate is relatively high, there are many delicious and fun, the new ancient city has seen this feeling is not only beautiful but comfortable.
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Memorial Temple
yjw2000Dingzhou Confucian Temple, also known as "Confucius Temple", is located in No. 1 Daogun Street, Dingzhou City, Hebei Province. In the late Tang Dynasty (about 857 ~858), Dingzhou Shuai Lu Jian asked for the abolition of Buddhist temple to create Dingzhou Confucian Temple. Dingzhou Confucian Temple covers an area of 12629.4 square meters, divided into two parts, North and South, North Courtyard sits in the north facing south, there are three adjacent courtyards in East, West and Middle, the architectural layout is the central axis. The main buildings of the East Courtyard are Chongsheng Temple and Kuixing Pavilion; the Central Courtyard is Dacheng Hall, Tuen Mun, Kou Xing Gate; and the Western Courtyard is Minglun Hall. The Confucian Temple in Dingzhou is the most preserved and the most complete confucian temple building in Hebei Province.
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兰霞As a city museum, this is a very good museum. The exterior is atmospheric and blends with the surrounding scenery. The interior is also designed not only beautiful but reasonable. As there are the tombs of the king of Zhongshan and the two towers of the palace unearthed cultural relics, the high standard of the relics is unexpected, so only saw less than two hours, worth seeing.