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Things To Do in Dingzhou

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Ancient Pagoda
Historical Architecture
辰宁在心Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda is the landmark of Dingzhou, and is also the most famous attraction. Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, because Dingzhou is in the front line of Song and Liaoning, and the tower is 11 stories high, so used to observe the enemy, so called the enemy tower. Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda is the first national important cultural relics protection unit.
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Historical Architecture
yjw2000Dingzhou Gongyuan, also known as the Gaopeng, is located in the north of Hebei City, the grassland Hutong No. 22, the preservation of the ancient society in northern China selected talents and Gongsheng test room. Qing Qianlong 3 years (1738), by the king of the state of the Dingzhou Gongyuan founded by the year. Dingzhou Gongyuan is located north to south, the middle axis layout, the plane is square, the floor 22150.7 square meters, the building area 1547.6 square meters. The main building is composed of two groups of buildings, the number house and the Kuige. Dingzhou Gongyuan not only embodies the characteristics of Qing Dynasty architecture, but also has the flexibility of local architecture, and is the material material of studying the Qing Dynasty local architecture art and examination system of imperial examination.
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Ancient Settlement
辰宁在心Located in the north of Dingzhou, the ancient city of Dingzhou, once the most prosperous place in Dingzhou, is also a major town in the north. It includes the Gongyuan Temple, Confucian Temple, Song Street, Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda, the ancient state department and the present museum.
33 Reviews
M39***96Well worth going, the scenery is good, there are many attractions around, there is a lot of history, there are Kaiyuan Temple Tower, Gongyuan Temple, Confucian Temple, etc., the scenery is beautiful, there is a street nearby, there are many snacks, there is Song Street next to the museum.
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Memorial Temple
辰宁在心Dingzhou Confucian Temple was built in the middle of the Tang Dynasty, all the dynasties have been repaired and renovated, the current buildings are mostly built in the Qing Dynasty. The most famous Confucian Temple in Dingzhou is the Snow Wave Stone of Song and Su Dian, and the East Po Shuang Dian. Unfortunately, many cultural relics in Dingzhou recently were not open for repair.
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Historical Site
辰宁在心Dingzhou ancient city wall was built in the Ming Hongwu years, the scale is grand. More than 600 years ago, Ming and Qing Dynasties have repairs. At present only the south gate, is currently in repair, retain the original flavor, now Hebei Province key cultural relics protection units.

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Dingzhou Travel Tips

About Dingzhou

Dingzhou City is located between Baoding and Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province and is a famous city in the history and culture of Hebei. Dingzhou's Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda is one of its Eight Great Sights. Yangge drama is an artistic form unique to Dingzhou, that is highly praised by those who see it performed. Dingzhou is known throughout the world for its long history and brilliant, rich culture. Since the days of the Zhou and Shang dynasties (c. 1600-256 BCE), Dingzhou has always been a political, economic, military, and cultural center in northern China and has left behind a rich cultural heritage.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Dingzhou
Sep 19, 2021 Dingzhou Weather: Moderate Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 97%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:04/18:23
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Here are the best places to visit in Dingzhou, including: The Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda,Dingzhou Test Hall,Zhongshan People's Garden Hot Spring
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